Manya Krobo: Body of man found in open drain

Residents of Manaaam in the Lower Manya Krobo Municipality of the Eastern Region are in shock over the death of a man believed to be in his fifties.

The man’s body was found in an open drain filled with rubbish on Sunday.

His identity was known in the late hours of the day by his family.

He is said to have left his television and radio on when a search was conducted in his room.

The Odumase Krobo Divisional Police Command has already begun investigations into the matter.

The body has been deposited at the Atua Government Hospital for autopsy and preservation.

In the past three months, the Lower Manya Krobo Municipality has recorded five bodies in different communities in drains and rubbish sites.

So with these why won’t there be a secret tight security around those areas so that they can grab the people responsible for these acts

Maybe there is a serial killer in action looking at the pattern in the murder, and those people are not easy to find

But at least the should be a secret spy at those points. So that they can arrest these people

Lol, you’ve forgotten the country you live in eh? They are killing policemen and they are not doing anything about it, na a common civilian.

Am not talking about civilians. The military have to do this

We are even fed up killings every blessed day

Now it seems killings in Ghana is looking normal cos we always wake up to hear such news which don’t surprise us anymore. But a country whereby such things happens almost every day needs to boost their security system to fight such crimes.


The security system now dierrr only small small boys

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Hmm this thing. Do you remember recently there was a picture of a fire and police personnel’s that pop up that shocked everyone who saw it. With the fire service personnel I won’t say anything, that kid can’t even hold fire extinguisher to off fire cos it’s heavier than him. Ghana and protocol :joy::joy:

I saw it paaaa . The are just recruiting anybody who has money and knows people. Not those that can protect the nation

Bro that’s the system we are in now. The ones who are willing to do the work are not getting the chance simply because they don’t know anyone in authority. Just have a look at that afire service personnel oh gosh :joy::broken_heart: