Man loses girlfriend to another man after mentioning her number on live radio show

It appears that the heartbroken man revealed too much information on the radio programme before disclosing her contact number in addition.

Well, another man who thought he deserved the lady more than him, probably because he had treated her unfairly grabbed the advantage to woo her and she is now with him.

The hilarious but painful story was shared by a Twitter user, @Haykayauthentic on his page.

He disclosed this while replying to a tweet by another Twitter user who was vowing never to put his relationship affairs on the radio in a bid to seek advice.

According to @Haykayauthentic the lady in question is currently dating his friend and prepares the best jollof rice he has ever eaten.

“Make me remember when a guy called on a radio program, asked them to help him call & apologize to his Gf he slapped then gave out her number on air.

Well, my friend called her, talked all night. She’s here now and her jollof rice is the best I’ve ever tasted,” @Haykayauthentic wrote on Twitter.:joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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“When it is coming then it is doing” :joy:. All this while, this guy never knew other guys also eye your girlfriend and the least mistake you do in your relationship, a different guy will snatch your girlfriend like a hawk catching a chick. I’m sure this guy is bleeding purposely because of the jollof rice the girl use to cook for him. He can’t let a different man taste that jollof rice.

Technically, this guy have lost three things at once, his girlfriend, the jollof rice and the credit he used in calling the radio station. :joy::joy::joy:

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Apparently they had their own share of relationship problems. I’m sure the lady was fed up. It’s understandable. The relationship was dead long ago. Congrats to the new guy! :joy:

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So this jollof rice…what is it all about?

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You never know the importance of your well untill it dries up.

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