Man Kills His Best friend for Sleeping With His Girlfriend In A Dream

A man has ended the life of his friend just because he dreamt that he was sleeping with his girlfriend in a dream.

The issue happened at Wawase in Ashanti Region.

Catch the details below:

Isn’t this the same story posted here? Palm wine tapper kills friend he saw sleeping with fiancée in his dream

If it is, good job on the video anyway :smiley:

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All jokes aside, there are lot of people walking around with some form of mental health issue – mostly psychosis but our society lays less focus on it. I mean even people with depression are told to perk up and stop the foolishness, let alone sociopaths. The likes of the Abesim killer and these so-called ritual killings, chale dem dey sick in the head. How can u take joy in killing - why u b Iddi-Amin Dada

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Oh so this is him. Taking what you saw in your dream personal to commit such a mürder hmm

The guy is not mentally sound he’s sick inna di head

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Apparently this dude has earlier killed 3 people?