Man dies on the spot after DNA test on son comes back negative

A Nigerian man allegedly slumped and died on the spot when he found out that he is not the biological father of his son.

His close friend, who was with the victim, shared the story on Facebook. According to him, his friend travelled abroad to seek greener pastures for his wife and son. Unfortunately, he chanced upon a Snapchat video of his wife in bed with a younger man.
This prompted him to go back to Nigerian and demand a DNA test on his son. After reading the results, he keeled over and stopped breathing.

His friend said in the video, “As a man if you don’t patronize a prostitute, you will never know if your wife is one. A man who married a woman and they have one child. The man has travelled abroad to work. It is inside Snapchat that he saw one small boy enjoying himself with his wife.

“He called her to question why she would do that because he has built a house and bought a car for her. He threatened to come for everything he bought her and asked her to pack out of the house. The wife said if he dares come to Nigerian, she will have EFCC arrest him. The man got angry and came to Nigerian. He rushed to the hospital to do a DNA test because of the love he has for his son. The moment the young man discovered the son isn’t his, he died of cardiac arrest.”


Herh fear women oo. Fear women ooo . Fear women oo. Yooo. I keep saying that at every point in my time of having a child, I will do DNA test . I need to because I can’t have myself fooled by a woman to father another man’s child. Herh , women. Hmmm. Rip bro .

These are some of the deadly things women do. A man is out there hustling to bring joy to the family, then she is also hunting for men to satisfy her own please. Hmmmmm…when I say don’t trust a woman ♀️👠 someone will not get it straight.

This is very unfortunate. DNA test was necessary because the young man noticed his wife cheating with a guy on Snapchat. I wish he could hold himself and bounce back strong but I’m sure this hit him so hard he couldn’t survive. Hmmm, I pray against such evil

Sometimes, you just have to pump the brakes a little bit when you are in relationships. The deeper you go, the possibility of something bad happening to you if anything goes wrong. We are responsible for our lives. Seneca said, as long as you live, keep learning how to live’.

This is really sad , when you’ve cater for them all this whole and finds out this. This is the first of many cases which will arise soon , because these women out here are not being faithful at all. The moment the men decide to have dna tests, it’s going to be a’s heartbreaking