Make Your Team Comfortable at Work Using These Tricks

It has been an uncomfortable year and a half. While that was due to the dreaded new C word that nobody cares to mention, there is also the normal number of uncomfortable situations and emotions that come from just being in a workplace.

Demands are high, there can be stressful periods, employees can feel overworked and under-appreciated, and this can all lead to an uncomfortable working environment.

These tips will help guide you in how you can help make your team more comfortable at work, which can help improve everyone’s quality of life and also the quality of work too.

Create an Open Dialogue

One of the best ways to help make sure your employees are comfortable is creating a space that allows them to discuss anything that could be making them uncomfortable. Making guesses in an attempt to help can be noble but could also be essentially wasted if the problem is not actually fixed. Allowing your employees to come to you when they do not feel safe, happy, or certain will give you the information you need to make decisions on how to improve a certain area of the workplace or something within a job role.

Lighten Up on Uniform

Unless you are a company that requires a certain uniform for either appearances or health and safety reasons on a daily basis, allowing your employees to take off the shirt and tie and relax a little can really contribute to their comfort, especially if they are in the office for over eight hours a day. If you still want them to represent the company while giving them a little more outfit freedom, then head over to to invest in some cool branded merchandise so they and you can have the best of both worlds.

Reward Good Work – Properly

It can be easy to just give your employees feedback when there needs to be constructive criticism and lay low when it is time to tell your employees what a great job there are doing. It can also be extremely uncomfortable for your work team to keep wondering if they are doing well in their work or not, and that anxiety can seep through and make other aspects of work more difficult too. Make sure you are as generous with your praise as you are with your criticism, so employees know when they are doing a good job. If you want it to be genuine, focus on something that will really mean something to them, such as an extra paid break or a bonus.

Avoid Micromanagement

Often, there is nothing more uncomfortable in the workplace than having a manager breathe down your neck every five minutes, checking you are doing exactly what they think you are supposed to be doing. It can make for a really tense and fraught environment to work in and is actually counterproductive in most cases. Stepping back and showing your employees that you trust them can do wonders for a comfortable environment.

Thanks for the tricks. My favorite is the last one. One of my strongest suits as a leader. This reminds me of what George Patton said, “Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.” Let’s learn from this.

Yes , @Emp_Sel team work makes the dream work but it also needs a good leader with some of these qualities.

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