Maghraheb and Kwadwo Sheldon. Who is your favourite? Don’t forget to like and follow them too!

#lets see Breakdown legends

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Personally I prefer Kwadwo Sheldon. I like his vibe, how cool and laid back he is. He sounds more realistic and chill, sounds natural. I liked him immediately I saw just 2 of his videos. :blush:


I think both of them are doing a great job but I prefer Sheldon, the way he even laughs :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Maghraheb is a good vlogger and has wide reach but Sheldon, he has one of the biggest YouTube and twitter platforms in Ghana with even wider reach than others. Sheldon trends on twitter almost every week due to his works and seemingly controversial positions on topics and personalities. I think both are great but it’s just fair that we give it to Kwadwo sheldon though I’m not one of his fans.

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I’m for Sheldon , honestly I’ve never watched Maghraheb videos long enough to like him but i choose Sheldon for now I will watch Maghraheb videos later to confirm

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I’m for Sheldon. The guy just be too much

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I prefer duku gang , principal of violence . The head is big for a reason :rofl::joy:#lil duku ( kwadwo Sheldon )

kwadwo sheldon is my fav

Difficult to say. Maybe Magraheb

Both are cool tho…I like both of them. Funny vibes nu nkoaa​:laughing::sweat_smile:

Watch Sheldon’s breakdown of the beef b/n twene Jonas & afia

I love and adore the work of Sheldon…he is practical, down to earth and also gives out quality content…the duku alone can make ur day