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Living in Ghana is becoming unbearable day in day out

ECG wants those who currently spend GHS50 a month of electricity to pay GHS124 now.

Ghana Water wants those paying GHS50 for water to now pay GHS175.

@siaw @Aharon @Kwabena @Danny have you seen this?


This proposed increments by the ECG and the GWC is totally absurd. In this hardship and they’re trying so hard to increase their tariffs by that unreasonable percentage. I forgot about the transport fare also which has been increased by 20% this Monday. Hmm I just don’t want to talk much about it all. The moment you speak out, this government will attribute this kind of hardship to Russia-Ukraine war and ask you to blame it on the war.


@Emp_Sel Hmmm saw the news and it’s hard to even think that, Ghana’s inflation today is 23.6%, where exactly are we headed towards? I listened to two reps of the Ghana Medical Association and they lamented bitterly on the rise or return if u may of brain drain in Ghana. Britain and Australia (others as well) have made it so easy to acquire work visas and to absorb all these nurses and doctors to fill in for the losses from Covid. But if u think about it, how does anyone survive this, and the dwarf is still talking about building a cathedral…!!and that God will make a way…I mean, such utterances from him is so less promising and demotivating. It’s as though, he’s saying, everyone for himself. He (government) is always building castles in the air - case in point, Agenda 111. Segleme is lying in rot, more hospitals and district clinics lie in disrepute - in fact, I need to understand this, how one can say that, cuz I didn’t start something, I’m not going to finish it or I’m not going to commission it for public use cuz the credit will go to the other guy…it beats human understanding, at least mine.

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Before the war, they blamed it on COVID. Who knows what’s next. Incompetent short men in power always find excuses.

:laughing: that man fool roff!

:cry: … I convinced myself these people have no brains, that they are imbeciles, I’ll never change my mind, be it Akuffo Addo or Mahama, they are all fools. Period.

If they increase utility bills and pump salaries accordingly, I think no one would complain. What I see it they are finding ways to pay debts owed to international entities, they have to pay the debts (money they enriched themselves with) somehow. Not surprised at all!!


A country that almost doesn’t depend on tax payers money, how can that country run itself? Needless to say even the countries that depending on job creation in return the citizens pay taxes to ensure the welfare of their citizens and country’s development are having a hard time. How much a country like Ghana that depends on foreign aids. The time we make peace with this truth the better for us all

Is who’s fault, Britain or Australia? I strongly believe is the failure on the part of Ghanaian president, for failing to build a more inclusive environment that will ensure that others will not find it attractive to even travel outside in the name of “good life.”

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Is one thing to have an MBA or a degree. And is a total complete thing to be a leader.
A true leader is the one who knows how to lead his people to where they want to be but I don’t see our leaders doing any of that, they’re more focus on doing what’s in their best interest and not what those who voted them into power want.

You can call them all the names in the book but is obvious they’re incompetent