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Life is made of compromises and why you shouldn't be “envious” of people

Most of the time life confronts you with difficult choices. Whether to play it safe or lose it all in other to gain something else

Some people have made great sacrifices in their life to be where they’re today, something that has probably left permanent scars on them. At some point we all have to make some tough decisions.

So don’t get easily caught in this idea of I want to be where this person is in life, because you probably don’t really understand what they’ve done to be where they’re today.

Two people also getting married comes with a compromise, because no two people are exactly equal. Both parties have to accommodate each other to make the relationship work and sometimes it is a great deal of compromise.

This not an attempt to try to defuse the uncomfortable feelings this existential reality brings, but as a man trying to present his ideas and takes on matters.

You can share your thoughts as usual, and thanks for reading