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Lewandowski rejected offers from PSG, Man City, Liverpool and signed with Barcelona

Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski has reportedly agreed a three-year contract to join Barcelona in the summer.

The Poland international is said to have turned down offers from the likes of PSG, Liverpool and Manchester City in order to leave the Allianz Arena for Camp Nou.

“We” are going to Barcelona :joy:

@siaw @Danny @Syrupkuv @Kwabena @BigBoss

:rofl::rofl::rofl: Am just imagining Barça trashing Bayern 8:2

Revenge time huh? They desperately want to face Bayern again this time round. I think FIFA should organize some friendly match for them. :joy:

I tell you. The way their vhim come now dier revenge will sweet them paa :joy:. Or we should send Bayern to Europa league to go face Barça :rofl: or u sey wetti

Let’s take this UCL cup first then we’ll consider Europa next season. :joy::joy: Anyways, Barca den Bayern might meet next season CL.

Plastic fan! Fake Bayern Munich supporter. :rofl:

No I ain’t no plastic fan. :joy: I love Bayern and I’ll love Barcelona too if my idol should successfully move to Camp Nou. :joy::joy:

@Emp_Sel is a part time Bayern Supporter :joy::joy:. How can you love two teams at the same time?

I love Bayern since Adam but Lewy is my guy. You barb? :joy:

@siaw, @Emp_Sel, @BigBoss and @Syrupkuv are you guys watching. Blues we’re indeed the comeback kings :blue_heart::partying_face::clinking_glasses:

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You still have more work to do though :rofl:

Blues till casket close. @BigBoss and @Syrupkuv where are you guys :blue_heart::partying_face::fire::clinking_glasses:

And Madrid scored. Now, you are leveled on aggregate

Bro the thing pain me oo. But seriously we started this match with 1% chance of qualifying and 99% faith tha we can comeback :sweat_smile::joy:

We’ve done some before and we can do it :blue_heart::grin:

Bayern is out. @siaw come and see this :joy::joy::broken_heart::broken_heart:

Please I am not the mood to give any response :rofl:

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You sayy?:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: