Lets talk about our Educational System now

Let us discuss Ghana Educational System and suggest the best ways to fix it.

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To be honest this has always been a delicate subject, considering diverse opinions on this particular matter… They always say the GES is independent … but it’s hard concur to that.As for me the system should be just like USA educational system, instead of writing BECE or WASSCE as we do we write a final exams and continue to secondary school, and for that the schools both private and govenent should have secondary schools , like the international schools … then after 9th grade you go to high school and the college … My thoughts tho!

Well said bro, God bless you for this wonderful taught. Also lets all pray for our brothers and sisters writing the 2021 WASSCE Examination.

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Education in Ghana is a big issue. I’m afraid the youth have a blurry future as far as our educational system is concerned. When the educational sector is at the beck and call of the government, productivity becomes a problem. The sector, like many other sectors needs a complete overhaul if we want to achieve stunning results. Einstein said, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.

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Now their our education system is very bad and if it continues like this, the country has no future for the young ones coming

The educatinal system in Ghana is a bogus one. An epitome of the word “disgruntled” institution. I am even sorry for some of us who are doing everything possible to climb the education ladder.