‘Let us touch lips’ – Efia Odo sends cryptic message amidst LGBT+ brouhaha

Efia-Odo-and-mystery-lady (1)
Ghanaian actress cum social activist Efia Odo seems to have found a new crusade to champion as she makes a social media comeback with racy ‘rainbow-inclined’ photos on Twitter.

A few months ago, Efia Odo took a break from social media to focus on her mental health. According to the communique she put out, her active participation in the #FixtheCountry campaign has affected her psychological well being and has “turned her into something she is not.”

Efia Odo who is known to be a fighter for minority groups has emerged from hiding with a very controversial tweet in these petulant times.
She shared a photo of herself and a mystery lady in an intimate pose with the caption, “Mano ka Wano Na wunsa so mi hips”, which translates to “My lips touch your lips, and your hands hold my hips.”

The reactions on Twitter was predictable as tweeps mention call on Sam George (anti-gay advocate) to come and have a look.

Source: 3news.com

This girl is not serious. They are all possessed with the spirit of Jazebel. The Kingdom of Satan is here on earth :earth_americas:. We must tred with caution.

This story isn’t true… I watch her snap the day she posted it, this was just a photoshoot but media trying take something out of it. After the #fixthecountry saga , I don’t think she wants this heat

Oh like seriously, so the media is just fabricating stories about her? If so, then I will urge her sue the media house which did this.
At least, 100,000ghc law suit filed against them for defamation won’t be bad…

Efia Oddo, you know I love you for your confidence and vim. Let’s focus on the #fixthecountry demo please. Your mental health is still important to me. Touching lips di3 , unless you come to me , your Zaddy :blush:

Could this be a cryptic massage Afia Odo is sending to her followers to show her solidarity and support for the homosexual community in Ghana? I don’t want to think for her neither do I want to imagine her doing that.