Let us talk about cryptocurrency

Any amount you want.

All depends on you, and how much you want to start with, u can even start with 0 ghana cedis, if u want to, using trust wallet, or even binance

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@siaw how do I create an account for cryptocurrency

We don’t call it an “account”, we call it a “wallet”. You can create one for free using Metamask. It’s a browser extension that will store your cryptos and tokens. :wink:

Their website will how you how to create a wallet. But if you want an account, like with an exchange you can do that too by just registering on Binance.

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Alright @siaw am gonna try that tomorrow, the network is down at my end

Anyways @siaw & @freddenyo how do I deposit money into my wallet :question:

You can buy crypto from an exchange like Binance, or you can give your wallet address for someone to send you some crypto. If you send me MoMo I can buy and send you any crypto of your choice that’s the GHS equivalent of what you’ll send me. Essentially, I can buy the crypto for you if you don’t have an account with Binance for example.

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So if I should send like 50ghc how many cryptocurrency

Depends and what cryptocurrency you want to buy. For me I’d say you can start with KWT. I spent a lot of time researching it and I think it’s value will increase in a year or two by a lot!

50GHS = $8 = 39.56 KWT

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Ok but since you are outside the country how can I MoMo u :joy:

You can MoMo @Emp_Sel. Get his MoMo details in a private message.


@Syrupkuv do you have a MetaMask wallet to store your crypto? Also are you on a phone or you have access to your own personal computer? Some things are easier on a computer.

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Yh I have MetaMask and it’s on phone

OK. I’m writing a tutorial for you to add Binance Smart Chain to your MetaMask right now, so I can transfer your crypto and you can see it in your wallet, give me a few minutes. But I have to say this, before you set up your MetaMask they gave you a passphrase, don’t ever share that with anyone, if you lose that passphrase, you lose your money, forever. Just saying.

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@siaw, cud u pls pm me privately for a discussion on crypto stuff pls

Hi @freddenyo, ideally I’d like to keep things public if it’s about sharing information so we all learn from each other, if it’s really a private issue why don’t you PM me instead? If I PM you what am I going to tell you? :rofl::crazy_face:

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please how do i send private message on this forum

When you click on my profile picture you’ll see this:

what i see is this profile user public profile is hidden