Let us talk about cryptocurrency

Do you think it is wise to invest in cryptocurrency?

Also, how does crypto trading work? What currency is the best or has the highest potential?

In my opinion trading/investing in cryptocurrencies is wiser that SSNIT contributions where you’ll pay your whole life and when it comes to receiving your benefits they toss you up and down.

Crypto trading is based on finding positive sentiments and partly on speculation depending on the currency’s stakeholders goals.

I trade cryptos any day I have time. Doing long-term trading and swing trading.

The basics is you buy low, sell high. So usually you wait for prices to drop, then buy them, then when they appreciate you sell them. Nothing more than that. Others use it to store value which is a serious use case in itself.

This my my swing trading window currently with the coins I’m trading. If you look on the bottom right hand corner you can see I’m holding about $13,000. I started with $5,000 about 2 months ago on this account. So obviously it’s lucrative.

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Dear Lord. Long time buh please let go straight to the point… I command your angels to replicate this $13,000 into my life rn IJN amen


Crypto or Bitcoin is the future of financial transactions. People are making lots of profits from these trading platforms, but bto, not Ghana or Africa we no reach there yet. There has been lots of frauds in the mainstream banking sector and for Internet banking, forget it here. There’s no system to guide and monitor such activities. Even Security and exchange commission does not have the huaman and technical resourcesto do its work. Remember loom, Menzgold, chimall and those people, dem go chop you fallaaaa

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What is the minimum amount you can invest in crypto? You started with $5,000, but can we start with something way less than that?

I trade with Binance. And the minimum on Binance is 15€. Other exchanges might accept even less.

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Thanks for the info.

Wow. I can only dream of that amount😂