Let me have your ideas on this issue

Is it a good practice for school authorities to prevent students from writing examinations when they owe fees? If “Yes” give me some reasons and if “No” give me some reasons.

In my opinion it’s not right to prevent students from writing exams because they owe fees and thus why we are given certificates after completion. His/her credentials can be held until he/ she pays the arias

No, its not a good practice and goes contrary to the statues of GES. No school authority has the mandate to do that. Falling behind on school fees is a fear that many parents face, it’s never their intention.

Try as they might sometimes, the ends just don’t meet and they have to miss a payment here and there. Schools are obliged to assist and to understand in these cases, and the law makes allowances for parents who need school fee subsidies.

No parents would like to deprive their child or children of education in this 21st century

Buh yet still some schools are still doing it

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Yh true, we just have to make that known to the authorities.

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