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Lessons to first flight - Microsoft Flight Simulator ✈️

I recorded my first ever gameplay with motivation from @DennisGoodman, looking forward to finding time, getting a few other games and recording some more. :smiley:


What controls do you use for the gameplay?

I use my keyboard, if that’s what you mean by “controls” :crazy_face:

Actually just finished practicing a bit, it’s not easy or I shaa.

Okay :smile:

Couldn’t finish watching it all but so far so good :blush:

Unless midnight bundles comes inside hahaha, imagine being a self-taught programmer in Ghana where you have to watch a lot of tutorials, but internet is stupidly expensive! :rofl:… that’s the system we find ourselves in right now. Antoa will kιll all these greedy politicians!


My biggest problem as a student of programming.

Amen :joy:

Woooow! Great job done Brother. Keep it Up and Keep Practicing

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