Omanba Forum

🚀 Launching Omanba Forum - Post & Earn!

Hello! :wave:t5:

We’re launching Omanba Forum as an online forum for Ghanaians (and friends) in the diaspora to discuss issues and share opinions. :ghana: :nigeria: :ghana: :nigeria:

Ideally, we’d like to reach every Ghanaian anywhere in the world with access to the internet.

You don’t have to be Ghanaian or Nigerian to join us.

We want to start with you! From now until the end of May 2021, we’re are giving out GHC500 (₦32,800) each to the first five members to reach 200 posts/topics posted here on Omanba Forum. The rules are simple:

:memo: Post relevant current issues concerning Ghana or neighbouring countries. It could be topics you start or responses you post on other members’ posts.

:speech_balloon: Responses to topics should be relevant.

:newspaper: New topics should be current and relevant to the Ghanaian diaspora.

:no_entry: Spamming is not allowed.

:writing_hand:t5: Send me a message directly indicating your interest with your MTN mobile money name and number or any other payment method.

:moneybag: Once you reach 200 posts, send me another message to verify and wire your compensation.

Posts/topics deemed irrelevant/out of context will be deleted by the admin/moderators. The admin/moderators have the right to ban any user found cheating.

Please remember to keep things civil.

Register now and start posting :slight_smile:

We’ll update this post with a leaderboard in the coming days.


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