Lady who left her country with 2 bags succeeds in Australia; now mining engineer

A lady has stated on social media that when considering going abroad for career purposes, the only thing that matters is what one can bring to the table.

Naledi Millicent Mabidilala made this statement on LinkedIn as she marked 2 years since leaving South Africa to pursue her dream of becoming a mining engineer in Australia.

Naledi recalled that she left South Africa with only two bags and her career dreams. The 27-year-old admitted that she nursed fears of finding her feet in Australia because of not having any family there.

But her determination eventually paid as Naledi would later discover that she left South Africa with an extra thing called courage.

"My fears were strong. Heading to a foreign continent, where I have no family. I kept telling myself, “I am still young, what if I fail, what if I am not good enough.”… Coming from the most disadvantaged province (Limpopo) in South Africa, "how will I compete in the world."She said

"Our self-limiting beliefs, hold us back from realising our true capabilities.
“I realize now that I had more than just bags, I had ‘COURAGE’.”

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Destiny has its way of rewarding determined minds. She didn’t achieve what she got in Australia from accident or luck. She worked through it all. Yes, South Africa may not have given her the platform to succeed but the system Abroad is such that, you can easily succeed if you are hardworking and dedictated

Wow :slightly_smiling_face:. I’m overjoyed for her. This is a pleasant experience. It’s a good one for an inspirational narrative. Everyone, especially the youth, needs to hear this, in my opinion.

This is the why we shouldn’t envy anyone.
She worked hard to get where she is now, I am very happy for her. It’s my prayer that destiny reward us too