Lady reveals how nannies rent out employer’s children to beggars

Lady reveals how nannies rent out employer’s children to beggars

In this era of busy corporate parents, finding good people to take care of your children is becoming scarce as a new scam has been unveiled. This one involves caretakers renting out their employers children to beggars as props to beg on the streets.

According to a lady in Nigerian, there is a new scam on the rise which involves nannies giving out children in their care to beggars in exchange for money.

The lady who goes by Sisi Yemmie on Twitter made this shocking revelation on the platform, Twitter, where she claimed that the nanny is paid a token by the beggars. Then the beggars take the kids to the street to beg for alms. She also disclosed that the kids were always rented out in their parent’s absence and returned back before they return.

She wrote, “Omo things dey happen. Once the parents leave home, the nanny gives their baby out to beggars to use for the day before the parents come back.”

Wow, hmmm. Why would you do this? If you can’t do the job, why apply for it?

I think the idea is to get more money. Money from the child’s parents and money from the beggars, either way, this is deplorable if true.

I did really believe people do this till i heard a story about one hmm ,this is really bad

@kod , I am sure more money is the motive too

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