Lady is married to two husbands with an additional boyfriend

Polyamorous nicely interpreted or explained as the practice whereby two or more people engage in multiple sexual relationships with the consent of all the people involved.
The key requirements are intimacy and trust which are essential.

An American black woman known as Kenya Stevens cheerfully shows off her two partners and demonstrate how happy they are together. She is cheerfully wedded to two men and reside in the same room with them has published pictures of them having a good time while talking about their marriage and posting it on her Instagram account to share images of herself and her two husbands, who she claims to be living peacefully with.

She acknowledges to be practicing polyamory. In Africa, it is virtually customary and acceptable for a guy to wed numerous spouses. Different women of certain cultures and beliefs permit and even motivate men to have several spouses.

The two husbands are popular with one of her husbands, Rakhem Seku, a relationship educator and a writer of multiple books. The lady infers to them as “Hubby 1” and “Hubby 2” and sometimes jokes about taking “Hubby 3” as if she knew the boyfriend will soon become a third husband.

She also disproved the assertion that men are additional sexual than women. She dubbed it a “myth” and explained women were just trained from youth to suppress their sexuality.

The Lady’s use of Instagram to show pictures of herself and her two husband appeared as a complete surprise. She was standing between the two guys she claims to be married to with an extra boyfriend in the photo she published.

This affair isn’t secret and many might assume that she most likely wedded them in privately, but this is not the case. On the contrary, the three of them, along with their kids, reside in the exact building. Interestingly, they have teenagers; in fact, she has two teenagers from each of them, whom she looks after.

Another discovery is she is actually conscious of her husbands’ other girlfriends and she is very comfortable and happy. The husbands, after all, have additional girlfriends, which she is aware of. She doesn’t seem to have any problems with them or feel any bitterness toward them. She even conveys photos to her husbands’ mistresses

Because we are supporting polygamy, she wants to follow @Sandy advice to marry two men , as if that is not enough, additional side guy . Wo na wobr3.

:joy::joy::joy::joy: information w) wiaaase. Eiii 2husbands and in’s side guy. She be legend kraa​:joy::joy::joy:

Lol. Having multiple sexual partners as a woman is going to create problems for the men. Hope she can take all in. :weary:

My thoughts exactly bro @Emp_Sel , how can she be able to all in if they all want it in a day. Again, men are more jealous and won’t want to share their partners with another man. This thing may not last for a year. One of the men will go. It’s even awkward

Yeah I remember the other day when @Sandy said she can only marry a polygamist who will allow her to also marry two husbands. It’s like the this woman was listening to her ooo :joy::joy:

Ala,this one de3 ano hear some before ow Ei :joy:

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Enu dierr s3 4some b3 demu. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Eiii den by now di3 the go make like 9ft