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Ladies not accepting proposals

So why do ladies nowadays decide to reject their man’s proposal? Opinion, please

Ah! Is this a personal experience? Were you bounced by some saucy chick @AfricanPrince? I want to know :smiley:

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Hm. This question sounds like ladies should accept any proposal. There are several reasons a woman will reject a proposal, something which is withing their full rights to do:

  1. They don’t like you; this could be that they don’t like you physically, but not just that, they may not like your intellect, or your political or religious views.
  2. They may not like you because you can’t assure them security… this could be financial or emotional or even physical security.
  3. They may reject you because they think they can have a better chance.
  4. They may reject your proposal NOW because they are not ready for what you want yet.
  5. They may reject your proposal because they don’t know what they want or haven’t decided yet on any commitments.
  6. They may reject you for absolutely no reason. You can’t question that.

I could go on, I’d like to add rejections are normal. Women rejecting guys, I’ve got my share of that, twice even, job rejections (I’ve got like a million of that). Learning not to dwell on rejections is a valuable skill to pick up.

Maybe @Yayah can add something.

Well, mine back then accepted the proposal but refuse to wear the ring. When asked, she said she doesn’t want the mother to know.

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I understand, why won’t they leave then. After the rejection, they still want to stick around and pretend as nothing happened. No one is perfect so mold someone you want to be with to your taste or like.

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The female gender is much more complicated than you can imagine… they are unpredictable in so many ways.

In my experience, some people are opportunistic, they want to stay around for something, but not commit to you.

This will be a wrong move I think. You can’t “mold” people. It won’t work, there will be problems later. But you can learn to accept them for who they are or find one that already is the way you want them to be. (instead of changing them, change yourself to accept them)

Maybe we should start thinking about how to live our lives without them. :joy_cat:Avoiding pain is not the point of existence though

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Easier said than done… or you’re actually suggesting we all become gay :thinking::thinking:?

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Maybe that’s something everyone should decide for himself lol

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He never mentioned “gay”, you can live without a woman but not be gay. :laughing:

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Hm!! Without please elaborate.

Without a woman = with no female companionship

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How is that possible?

Well it’s a matter of choice.