Kumerican artistes are not united - D Black

D Black is sounding an alarm about a wrong path Kumerican artistes are taking.

According to Ghanaian music and showbiz mogul, he has noted that the current crop of new artistes from Kumasi are doing great musically, but there is no unity among them and that is alarming.

The rapper during and an interview with Tony Best on Akoma FM’s Entertainment360 on Saturday, July 17, explained that for acts to survive in any creative industry, they need support from their colleagues as well.

Identifying the disunity among the Kumerican acts, he said “I see Yaw Tog somewhere, Kofi Jamar on the other side, Asakaa boys doing their own thing". D-Black who is currently promoting his ‘Loyalty’ album, emphasized that they need to unite.

I feel they need to come together and pursue a common agenda. Music is such that, you will not be on top forever. So, as a brother’s shine goes down, he gets featured on a big song on a particular moment to lift him,” he said.

Yaw Tog, a teenage rapper from Kumerica [Kumasi], shot into the limelight in2020. He wasn’t known until U.K. Twitter blew him up in late 2020 after releasing his breakthrough single, “Sore”, featuring Okenneth, City Boy, Reggie and Jay Bahd. Yaw Tog, Okenneth, City Boy, Reggie and Jay Bahd were collectively known as Asakaa Boys.

However, he later broke up with the Asakaa Boys after refusing to sign a label deal with them. According to pulse.com.gh’s Entertainment news editor-in-chief, “all he [Yaw] wanted was to go solo after his boys bolstered his rise to prominence”.

The teenage rapper sparked beef rumours with the Asakaa Boys when he deleted their verses on the remix of “Sore” featuring U.K-born Ghanaian rapper Stormzy and Tema-based rapper Kwesi Arthur.

“I didn’t sign their [Asakaa Boys] record label deal and it came out from them since I didn’t sign their deal. They can’t work with me again and things started from [deletion] of my verses and stuff they did together,” Yaw Tog said in a now-deleted tweet.

Since then, things never look good between them and they have been throwing subliminal shots at each, either in their songs, social media or during interviews.

Other Kumerican acts like Kweku Flick, Kofi Jamar, YPee, Osikani Abrantie, Kweku Darlington, among others, have all been their been going about their music career individually.

Source: pulse.com.gh


There’s no unity in this showbiz industry so it’s only kumerica per se. The industry called showbiz in Ghana is all about unnecessary competition.

Most of the artists pretend to be cool with each other but there’s deep crack and envy between them.
It’s a problem in the creative arts industry, thats why they are not growing. D black is right but this is a general industry problem and I believe we can address it and build a more formidable showbiz industry.

Agreed. If we can emulate the Nigerian other African Showbiz industry, I think it can go a long way to help us.

How does this concern d black , please we need him to concentrate on making terrible music so we can have something to talk about, unity in the industry has always been a problem. Everyone wants to be the best. There are no friends in the industry just fake smiles and pretends. And anyone that penetrate the industry posses that trait

Unity is relative and it could be subjective . Twins also have their differences, they fight and disagree on lot of issues.

The problem with the kumerica thing is that the whole craze was a fad. Now they have show us what they really made of musically.

This issue is very deep, me saf adey support D. Black, sekof this industry nobody go see u support u until u come turn star, as for me I text my role model Kidi for ig saaa… none of my messages he spy… den I dey want make make he help me understand some basics of music, if all this dey happen ahhh how unity go work for our music industry innes… sometimes we the underground musicians noh the big men for see we small.

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