Kumasi: 17-year-old impregnates 15-year-old ‘wife’ and ‘side chick’

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A 17-year-old Kumasi-based boy is in troubled waters as his ‘wife’ and side chick are both pregnant, two months apart.

Kofi (all names mentioned are not real) is said to have impregnated his ‘wife’ after his mistress travelled to stay with her mother due to pregnancy complications.

Seven-months-old pregnant Ama, who shared her story on Nhyira FM’s Obra, stated that she got involved in an amorous relationship with Kofi after he asked for her hand in marriage.

Despite her family opposing their marriage plans on the basis of age, 15-year-old Ama continued to sneakily spend the night with her lover.

From performing household chores to warming his bed at night, Ama lived with Kofi like husband and wife in his small room he shares with his friends.

Their escapades led to an unplanned pregnancy, for which Ama had to halt her education at Junior High School (JHS 1).

Despite admitting responsibility for her pregnancy, Ama claimed that Kofi has not handed out even a penny since she took seed, a situation that has turned their young love sour.

It was during the back and forth between families that a bombshell was dropped; Kofi had already impregnated another 16-year-old girl whom he was dating before meeting Ama.

According to Kofi’s sister, who spoke on the same platform, the family agreed for her to stay with her mother till she puts to bed.

It was in that maternity period that Kofi proposed to, went as far as performing a ‘knocking ceremony’ and impregnating his new girl Ama.

Currently, the 16-year-old is in her final trimester while Ama is still two months away from childbirth.

Considering his insufficient funds from his bus conducting (mate) and the trouble that is looming, Kofi is currently on the run. He is believed to be cooling off somewhere at Nzema.

:relaxed:now di3, babies are giving birth to babies . The youths of today are best in ‘bedmatics’ than any other subject or future goal. Their somewhere dey sweet them pass :sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:

When exactly will this teenage pregnancy ‘menace’ be taken care of? Personally, I believe Parliament must enact some laws that will take care of this. Just as they are doing with LGBTQ+, they should find a way to criminalize teenage pregnancy as well. We’ve had enough.

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I agree with you @Emp_Sel . Some form of legislation or bye laws can help curn this manace

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