Kind Nigerian Man Surprises Lady with N500k for her Calmness after His Car Mistakenly Splashed Water on Her

A Nigerian businessman Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah gifted a young lady on the road a cheque of N500k for her calmness The businessman was said to be returning from work when a car in his convoy splashed water on the lady He was stunned that she didn’t budge or react and this moved him to show kindness to the fashion designer lady .
A lady got richer in thousands following her calmness in the face of a road mishap. Sharing the incident on his Facebook page, businessman Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah stated that he was returning from work when a car in his convoy splashed water on the lady who was walking past. Read more:

Eiii men of these days like ebi man aah 10p wey he go dash am​:joy::joy::joy:

:joy::joy::joy: you have a point tho :joy::joy::joy:. Small time naa you go here say he marry am

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Yh sure. You are right my friend

The man is naturally generous and good person. This gesture is to show that there’s reward in being calm in difficult and angry situations. Thumps to the lady for being that phlegmatic.

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Okay bro. It’s there to read more and maybe watch the video

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Please someone should tell me where I can such a man to splash water on me just like that ? Am serious :unamused::unamused: because a lot of People have splashed water on me in Ghana here and didn’t even say sorry, so someone should tell me where I can locate a person like that :frowning:

Come to ashmong estate ; they will bath you free.

The reason the man is giving the lady the money is that she didn’t insult him for splashing water on her or she didn’t shout at him

Nice, something tell me be has an agenda with her.