Just saw Fury beat Wilder again 🥊🤣

So no change. Fury KOed Wilder. Upon all the noise from Wilder and his new trainer. Oh?! I didn’t stay up to watch, would have wasted my time looking for a change.

What excuse did Wilder come up with this time?

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Wilder should have waited. He should’ve took the money to step aside and let AJ and Fury fight. Then, fight the winner of that match to at least have more to fight for. Now his career ayɛ beans :rofl: :man_facepalming:

But AJ and Fury won’t come on anyway since AJ lost to Usyk. I don’t think AJ will beat Usyk in the rematch. Though I agree Wilder should have taken the money and stepped aside. I would have done that. :crazy_face:

I just wanna see a unified divsion with 1 champion. Fury looks set to be it

Yeah me too. That’ll prolly be Fury vs Usyk from the look of things.

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Six pack is over rated. So naaa Usyk will beat Anthony Joshua back to back

I’m trying to follow the conversation but I’m lost. Don’t know a thing about boxing. :joy:

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Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua career ato nsuom :joy::joy:

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@Jacobkuv come and defend your people ooo. :joy:

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I have the same with football. Boxing is my territory :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not the end of the world, relax. :smiley:

Herh :joy::joy::joy:

I love watching boxing movies unlike the sports itself. ROCKY, CREED and SOUTHPAW are my favourites.

It’s not the end though but now those two boxers, Wilder and AJ have turned into Black Stars :joy::joy::broken_heart::broken_heart:

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@Emp_Sel this 6 packs matter erh hmm some are not to be underrated ooo because some are hαrdcθre and others are made from drugs but Wilder and AJ’s own shouldn’t be underrated just dat their not fit enough for the opponents :joy::joy::joy:

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Fury beat Wilder like he son :joy: