Just my thoughts and frustrations 3

„Hard to speak honestly these days

Cuz the ‚species-Love‘ (my definition of human love) is gone, the Love that connects us as a common species-Love=the soul.

Everything is not gravy and we can’t keep pretending it is.

Until we love each other as our creator (our god) willed it, nothing is gonna change.

Are we so bored as to make skin tone an issue to occupy our entire existence?

We lost our conscience and have become monsters.

Fun fact to know is, Creations of other gods (you heard that right) of the universe are eons ahead of us on Earth, more advanced and way too busy to slow down ‚Time‘ (they don’t live under the concept of Time) with trivial issues such as racism or a caste system. If anything, they segregate into divisions of labor like social insects do; nothing to do with hate against the same species. They reserve that hate (if at all) for distinct species e.g. like us.

Carl Sagan (Astrophysicist and Author of Pale Blue Dot) wrote: „Human Beings live under some sort of belief that they are exalted above everything else and thus the most important of all creation“. And with such a thought we tend to look down on everything and everyone for reasons we create with our imagination. The Earth is a big stage and we’re all actors or players on the same level; kings, Queens, Black, Caucasian, Warlords, Scientists, Asian, Jews, Gay, Musician, Lion, Giraffe, Dinosaur, Elephants, Homo Erectus, Homo Neandertherlis, Trees, Elements, Plants, Stones, micro-microorganisms, Oceans, Fishes, etc. Everything was created on a level playing field for a reason and for that everything deserves equal reverence. Imagine an Earth without one of these…and like everything with a beginning, everything has an end. My theory: if we can treat everything as though we were on a level playing stage, our human condition will be far changed and in conformity with the creator. Imagine if we stopped trying to kill viruses and Bacteria and instead reasoned with them. After all, we’re 75-80% water and normal flora (microorganisms esp. Bacteria) and in their happy state reinforce our immunity. Why in God’s name would anyone want to kill something that plays an important role in their lives? Instead of having a totally different perspective to how we handle the concept of disease or illness, pandemics, epidemics, we stick to age-old practices from people of old and a different era, just like Christians today are stack with words in the Bible that were even meant for a group of people somewhere e.g Corinthians for the people of Corinth in Greece. It’s sad. The more I think about it, the more I fathom nothing. If microorganisms decide to destroy humanity, it will be with no doubt with impeccable precision. We’ve been privy to what one species of a viral family can do, let alone the whole damn family or Prions, those we can’t even see under a microscope. Our situation is a sad one and the earlier we begin to respect everything on planet earth…well…" Aharon@founder:keepthinkingdeep#whatifjesusisafacade#dontfall4it#alwayswhatif

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