Just my thoughts and frustrations 2

It is said in the Bible that tomorrow’s not promised yet the same Christian Bible says there’s a Heaven; life after death for all righteous people. For me, such mind games or so-called speaking in parables are a convenient way of explaining things. Why should anyone risk the present for an afterlife that’s not even promised?

I desperately need answers and humans and the Bible can’t provide it.

A look at the Earth and Sun and I can tell a genius man designed it. It’s truly mind-blowing. But does it necessarily relate to a God? To a sect? One that needs a bunch of Dogma as a guide? Why can’t the concept of creation be what it is; CREATION and nothing to do with a God sitting above everything else, watching over his creation and handing a bunch of 10 basic laws that the whole of creation is supposed to follow, and o, he passed these laws through one person to serve every one of his creation when he could have simply used a loudspeaker or individually speak to everyone just before birth (assuming all of this is needed anyway).

I’m frustrated and Christianity and the Bible provoked it. I was given a brain to think to avoid every useless moment. And it’s blasphemy when I try to analyze the Bible? Bunch of crap!

I’m not trying to torch down the Christian concept of God but I’m just saying: I haven’t heard anything from the horses‘ own mouth. Just sheep always telling stories of older guys who were notarized by God and that He finally vocalized unto them. Now I’m supposed to bow my head and close my eyes and somehow let the Holy Ghost arise, sounds to me like a Poltergeist.

Ever wondered what it will mean if Jesus was a facade? That would mean the government is god and think really for a second, „what if“? What if everything has been part of a grand scheme of things? Even if u want to think with respect to the Bible, what if the way everything has been said and used with this Book is part of a grand scheme? My gut feeling tells me; there’s indeed something magnificent, something our minds can fathom, we don’t have to imagine to believe it, use all 5 senses you have and unlock the 6th. Our lives are all we got and heaven and Earth are all in the brain. Aharon@founder:keepthinkingdeep#whatifjesusisafacade#dontfall4it#alwayswhatif

The bible is a book of fairy tales.

I’ve come to learn that humans attribute anything they can’t understand to “God”. Anything out of the scope of our understanding must be by someone, God. Case closed. This is the problem with our thinking. The fact that you don’t understand something doesn’t mean you should create an imaginary being and attribute it to him.

Say again my brother.

We should live life here and NOW. People imagine heaven as some form of solace after earth. They find it hard to believe after one is dead, it’s the END so they conjured the idea of heaven to give themselves some form of hope after it’s all done. Pathetic.

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Just for clarity’s sake…can you point to that specific text? Maybe I can help.

I don’t think the Bible claims that at all. life after death is for all, righteous or unrighteous.

What gives you the idea that the Christian God wants you to risk your present life? Can you explain more?

Who is this man? Is he a person like us? what’s his name? where does he come from? Can you give me the information?

who are you referring to? the Christian God or the genius man? Also, there’s a reason for the laws and it’s actually not 10, it’s about 610 laws or so…lol. But there’s a reason for the laws. Just find out why God put them in place.

Oh naa… there’s a reason for that. I feel I need to explain the whole point of Christianity.

Sorry to hear that. Can’t say I blame you. I totally get you.

No… who said that? Then I’d have been crucified by now. Ask questions. You have the right to them. How can I follow someone or believe in something without asking questions? that’s indeed a bunch of crap. But it’s not true. There are different Christians with different views. Where did you get this idea from though?


do you mean the sixth sense or the third eye? Also, how did you come to that conclusion? what makes you believe that unlocking the 6th is the true way? what if Jesus is real?

in all, you have impressive questions. Hope to hear what you have to say to my questions. I lean more towards Christianity because based on my search, Christianity makes more sense than other religions. Now before you go wild on me, I have to explain how I see Christianity, which I will do.

I do understand your frustrations, believe it or not. We are not far off.

How did you come to this conclusion? I’d love to hear your points.

I don’t think that’s entirely true. I don’t know about the other religions but I doubt that’s the case with Christianity.

Yes. True, but how do you know for sure?

Can you give you me your reason why the world without the Christian God is meaningful? I really want to know your viewpoint. If there’s no life after death, why here and now. Why the struggle? can you explain our reason for existence? can you give me anything at all?

hehehe @LeevyM6 this will be my only response to all of your comments about my posts. I see that you have taken your time to go through to disintegrate each of my posts. It’s unfortunate the questions you tend to ask at each turn cuz certain utterances give me the sense that, u feel comfortable and entitled to your opinions about the respective topic I wrote about (case in point: Oh naa…there’s a reason for that. I feel I need to explain the point of Christianity - u mean your opinion). Exactly what I did as well in each writing; expressing my hard-earned thoughts. I think I made it quite clear from the genesis of my convo with you my stance/views; I’m not sure any one person in this life has all the answers or the master key that opens up every mystery or human condition we face as humans. Man is still unraveling the mysteries man faces, there’s no certainty. Whatever assertions you have are based on the experiences u have collected over time. You sound like a Christian and clearly married to the fraternity and that’s fine. I don’t think we need to perceive or downgrade each other in any way bcuz of our individual beliefs. You might never be able to walk a mile in my shoes and how far I have come to hold these thoughts, neither might I in yours. I believe these are clear enough. Have a great Sunday Sir

Numbers 22:21-39. A donkey talks like a human! This ridiculous.

So who created the universe? How far does the universe expand?

No, I don’t. Neither do you. But why create an imaginary being and create associations?

Buddhists live without the Christian God. Do you want to tell me life is not meaningful for them? I live without the Christian God. Life is meaningful for me; I have lots of people I love around me: family, friends, children. I don’t need some imaginary being on top of these.

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This will also be my last response. In a strictest sense, I’m agnostic, but of course, I learn more towards Christianity. The same way you lean towards something else.

What I said about me explaining Christianity is, first of all, not my opinion. What you wrote is not what the Christians claim at all. Similar, yes, but not true.

I was merely saying I’ll explain what the Christians claim. I’m quite marveled how you’re well versed in other writings, but not this though. Did you take a biased approach?

And @kod, Of course, it sounds silly when a donkey talks to a man until you research into the spiritual world. If you do, you’ll realize that all of the religions have similar ideas about the spiritual world. Why is that? Was it planned or real?

Check astral projection. Christians don’t deny that exists. But they’re against it. Why is that? They have angels that have eyes all over a human body.

You will see a link in all of them.

Anyway, what’s this thing about downgrading you talk about @Aharon? I’ve had previous discussions with all of you. Have I insulted or made you look like fools?

I’ve already told you how intelligent you are. I wasn’t joking. I don’t joke. But as you’ll see, intelligence isn’t everything. If you’ve really searched hard, you know what I’m saying it’s true. There are things that are far beyond human experience.

Anyway, good luck to us. :+1:

P.S. @Aharon. Keep reading. Keep exploring. But be very careful of some books you read. It’s an advice. Take it or leave it.

I don’t see where I insulted you or made you like a fool. I wouldn’t do that, if that’s directed to me that is.