Jobless man jailed 10 years for possessing 'wee'

A 30-year-old unemployed man has been sentenced to 10 years imprisonment by an Accra Circuit Court for possessing indian hemp (wee).

47 wraps and a handful of wrapped dried cannabis were found on Samuel Adomako.

He was charged with possessing narcotic drugs.

He pleaded not guilty but the court presided over by Mrs. Evelyn Asamoah, found Adomako guilty at the end of the trial and was sentenced accordingly.

The court said it considered Adomako’s plea for mitigation and handed down the minimum sentence and the fact he has no previous conviction.

Adomako, a father of two, had earlier informed the court that he dealt in shoes but business was not good and he had resorted to the selling of the cannabis to make a living.

He therefore prayed the court to have mercy on him.

Prosecuting, Police Chief Inspector Emmanuel Haligah said the complainant Police Chief Inspector B.O. Adjei, was the station officer of Adabraka Police Station.

Police Chief Inspector Haligah said Adomako was a resident of Odorna in Adabraka, Accra suburb.

Prosecution said on August 28, 2019 at about 2:30pm, the station Officer and two other policemen on their normal patrol duties, spotted Adomako at the Odorna market with dried leaves suspected to be narcotic drugs.

Prosecution said he was arrested with 47 wraps and about a handful of unwrapped dried leaves which was later confirmed to be narcotic drugs.

The prosecutor said the said dried leaves were sealed in the presence of the accused, now convict, and an independent witness.

The dried leaves were forwarded to the Forensic Lab for analysis and a report was produced

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Arh! 10 good years for possessing wee alone. 3mom this Country have a big problem paa oo. The one who attempt murder was given 3 years p3 3na the one possessing weed 10 year’s :face_with_monocle::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Hmmm . It’s really sad to hear to news. Somebody that attempted murder is given 3yrs and possessing wee 10yrs. Hmm my country this oo

Buh come to think of it I taught is was legalized some time ago. Buh most of this big men are also doing these same business. The laws of Ghana only work on the poor

Sometimes I don’t understand some of these judges. When we the law is in the bosom of the judge, they think it means to use it anyhow. The guy should be punished but not this insane sentence.

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@KhodedBoss2 no , it was decriminalized. Even that, Parliament is yet to come to a consensus for it to be passed as a bill. For now, it can be used by identified pharmaceutical companies or for some one needing it for medicine purposes, pescribed by the doctor.


Are we sure it’s weed? Because I’m hearing different story

Hmmm. I don’t want to talk about the justice system. Because this our country ankasa I don’t know what is wrong with us.

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Okay . Thanks for the information

I don’t really think they just pass the judgement like that oo, I mean maybe there’s sentence imposed to any crime committed. But the judge has the right to weigh the crime and adjust the sentence but they don’t because like you said they misuse the power they’ve been giving

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It is not the fault of the judges. They are simply interpreting the constitution. It is their job they were doing. Your anger should be channeled towards the Legislature

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