Jobless and hungry youth merely seeking army jobs dangerous’ – Nunoo-Mensah

A former Chief of Defense Staff, Brigadier General Joseph Nunoo-Mensah, has attributed the massive number of Ghanaian youth turning up for military recruitment to the high unemployment rate in the country.

He believes this could have dangerous implications for the quality of personnel in the army.

“There are no jobs for the youth, so whatever job is available, they are going for it not because they want to serve the nation in that capacity, but because they are jobless and hungry.”

“That is a very dangerous thing because when you do that, you don’t get quality people to serve the nation in either the police or the military,” Nunoo-Mensah stated.

On Monday, thousands of Ghanaians thronged the El Wak Sports Stadium in Accra to participate in a documentation and medical screening process for recruitment into the Ghana Armed Forces.

This has been the trend for some years now.

From as early as 4:00am applicants started a queue that stretched for over four kilometres.

This was after the announcement from the Ghana Armed Forces informing the public of the commencement of a recruitment exercise back in May.

The Army is expected to recruit some 1,000 personnel from the applicants in the Greater Accra Region.


This is obvious. Some of the youth seeking this so called job opportunity do not even hold the interest in working in those fields.
However, since there are no jobs in the country, anything presented to them might fall in their yearing desire to get something doing to fend for themselves.
Hmmmm Ghana…

Hmm the unemployment situation in the country is dire and serious but we pretending all is well.

The ministry of employment will come churn out useless percentage of people employed with a year. I don’t know what jobs they are creating for the teaming graduates to do.

Of course jobless hungry youths are seeking to be appointed in the army because what other choice do they have, they are jobless and that’s because of failed leadership. We are ready for anything as hungry as we are.

And this at the end of day will lead to unprofessional men and women in uniform. They will end up killing their own country folks just like what we experienced resently.

Ofcourse, they themselves aren’t right for their jobs, I’m not saying is wrong and I’m not agreeing to it . But the situation at hand is what’s making the youth take decisions like these

Oh yh…I would have done same. The country make hot :fire::fire:.

My guy such is the system oo,there are no opportunities for the youths to do or engage themselves into something that they really want in future. We settle for anything because there are no job. who looses? Innocent civilians will continue to be beaten by unprofessionals

Very dangerous , some of these guys applying for the military are not mentally stable to be there but at the end of the day , they will be choosen to serve. They will come out and start misbehaving on the streets.