Jilted boyfriend jailed 3 years for attempting to kill ex-lover


A 29-year-old farmer at Akyem-Twapease in the Kwaebibirim Municipality has been sentenced to three years imprisonment for attempting to kill his former girlfriend.

The convict, Samuel Kusi, will serve his jail term in hard labour.

He was also sentenced to three months in jail for intentionally destroying some personal property but both sentences will run concurrently.

The prosecutor, Chief Inspector Samuel Appietu Appiah, told the court, presided over by His Honour, Abubakari Abass Adams, that the complainant, Doris Amaniniapong, and the convict both live at Twapease.

He said the complainant was in an amorous relationship with the convict for a year but they later separated due to his deviant behaviour which includes smoking, drinking and assaulting the complainant frequently.

According to Chief Inspector Appiah, the culprit was not happy over the separation in August this year, therefore, resorted to threats to Madam Amaniniapong to return to the relationship.

The prosecutor said, on August 29, at about 12:00 am while the victim was sleeping with her mother and siblings, Mr Kusi went with a gallon of diesel to their compound, sprinkled it and set the house on fire.

After the gruesome act, he bolted.

A few minutes later, the mother of the complainant woke up and saw smoke in their corridor, and quickly entered their room to rescue the other occupants.

The complainant, together with her mother and siblings, managed to quench the fire but unfortunately lost footwear valued at GH¢30.00, brooms, and curtains.

Later, people in the community and the complainant’s family arrested Mr Kusi and handed him over to the police.

During interrogation, the accused admitted to the offense and was charged.

Three years for attempted murder is too small. People get worse sentences for stealing onion and cassava. Had the girl not escaped, she’d have died, which means that he almost murdered her

Buh why would you do a thing like this. If somebody don’t love you anymore and you don’t like it do you have to do that? The thre years is too small for such an act . Attempted murder is murder so he have to be sentenced for life kraa.

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We just keep going back all the time

My genda is disgracing me o😎

I totally agree. He actually wanted to kill the lady , she was saved by Grace. The sentence is too small for me. 10 years would’ve been okay

Lol , agenda boys will do everything to make a statement hmm. @Deedon welcome to the forum and please enjoy your stay :hugs::hugs:

Sometimes you will never understand the value of your own life when you become the victim to such matters… May The Lord Give Us Wisdom to overcome such Problems when ever we feel disappointed or betrayed by our love ones…

Amen bro, wisdom is the key word, wisdom. We need it every hour, every day to overcome life’s challenges

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Wait oo :thinking: attempting to murder more than 3 people and was sentenced to three years imprisonment. Seriously! But three years is too short. And it wasn’t written that he was charged to pay for the money the girl’s family lost because of this. To me the judges punishment is too simple

It wasn’t stated Buh he will definitely pay for it . Buh the 3yrs is too short for my liking

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Yeah I agree @KhodedBoss2 and @Magda2000 .I’m sure the he pleaded guilty and begged the court. Three years di3, too lenient . He almost murdered a whole family.

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Hmm. As for three years it’s jus around the Conner I just pray that he has a change of mind after he finish serving his sentence

Nanka if you no learn sense dierr for life on the way ooo. He go dey inside for life

He deserves to have been jailed for than three years. Three years is too short a period at least anka six years is ok :roll_eyes:

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My point exactly @Curl_Buns . Three years de3 plan b3n

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