Jesus goal earns Manchester City win over Chelsea

An early second-half goal from Gabriel Jesus with Manchester City’s first shot on target earned the Premier League champions a 1-0 win over joint league leaders Chelsea on Saturday.

Jesus pushed the ball home with a deflection off Jorginho after a goalmouth melee in the 53rd minute following City’s 10th corner of the game. The goal sparked the match into life, forcing Chelsea to attack, after a first half of intense pressure from City and attritional defending from the home side.

It was a deserved win for the visitors who pressed Chelsea from the outset and enjoyed 60% possession with Kevin de Bruyne, Jack Grealish and Phil Foden buzzing round Chelsea’s area.

The victory also broke a three-match losing streak for City against Chelsea, the most recent in the Champions League final in Porto in May.

This game was really a tough one . Even tho my team lost I still love them. They played very well


Bro blues forever :blue_square::blue_square::blue_square::blue_square::blue_square::blue_square::large_blue_circle::large_blue_circle::large_blue_circle::large_blue_diamond::large_blue_diamond::large_blue_diamond:


I’m also a Chelsea fan and even though we lost the match to undeniably one of the best clubs in the premier league. I’m proud of my team and I know we gonna bounce back much stronger. Blues till casket close :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:

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The love I got for Chelsea even in our worse, is beyond imagination. I love the team die. I know we’ll bounce back much stronger. Blues for life :blue_heart::clinking_glasses:

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Aswear even if we are relegated kraaa I’m still a fan of Chelsea :blue_square:

Bro point of correction we can’t be relegated. The pride of London should be relegated? Never!!!

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I no we will surely bounce back harder. James that was injured early caused a lot of damage today

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Yes and I’m not saying we’ll be relegated :joy::joy::joy:

As a true fan of a team no matter the position, promotion or relegation that your team earns in a campaign, if you love the team from your heart, you’ll continue to support them. That’s how I love Chelsea, in good and bad times I’m a fan of the club.

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Calm down he was just trying to let you know how much he loves the club whether in good times or bad :joy:

Yeah it did but we should build a team that isn’t dependent on one or two players which their absence will cause the downfall of the team. I know we’ll surely bounce back much stronger in the games ahead of us

:joy::joy::joy::joy:. I know bro but the truth to be told Chelsea can’t go to relegation

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That’s impossible Chelsea can never go to relegation. Even Arsenal is playing in the Premier League and you want Chelsea to be relegated to Championship :joy::joy:

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Bro you are looking for trouble oo. If not some Arsenal player will come and cry oo

But on a more serious note, people supporting Arsenal till this date deserves massive respect for their bravery and their impossible dream of winning premier league again :joy::joy:

Season 2 Lol GIF by Friends

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Oh! The unbeatable has been defeated. I told you you are not as strong as you think. Take it easy! :joy:

Is this how you justify your loss? :joy: Don’t depend too much on Chelsea. They will break your hearts.

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