I've seen God manifest after I started praying consistently


Actress Andreas Owusu known popularly as Efia Odo has indicated that the power of God has been manifest in her life these few days.

According to her, since she started to be consistent with her prayer life, she has known there is power in the highest God.

To her, she has been so calmer and her faith has increased significantly.

Making this known in a tweet she shared, the former television personality said no one can tell her God is not real.

Adding that there is the need for people to put God first in all their dealings and they won’t be disappointed.

“I’m feeling so good these days. Consistently praying to God has really brought changes into my life. I’m so much calmer and my faith has increased significantly. No one can tell me that God isn’t real. Put God first in everything and be patient,” she said in a tweet.

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I will also start prayers and see if God will give me any sign.


We thank God she has now seen the manifestation of God’s greatness :pray: But as humans we don’t have to wait for something before we take God seriously… If not for anything atleast we have to be prayerful and Always be grateful for the gift of life.

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Ei. Ghanaians and God. Everyday God this God that. The gyimie is too much.

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