It’s part of my culture, upbringing – MP fights animal rights activist pushing for ban

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Builsa South Member of Parliament (MP), Clement Apaak, has described as moot, the reason of animal cruelty cited by international animal rights activist Natasha Choolun for which she has petitioned President Nana Akufo-Addo to ban dog and cat meat in Ghana.

In an interview with Class News, the Builsa South MP said: “The consumption of any form of meat is a requirement to fulfil the protein needs of any organism, including humans.

“In our case, we have various traditions, cultures and ethnicities and by thinking of those traditions and cultures, there are certain species of animals that were consumed.

“So, for example, I am a Builsa; the consumption of dog meat is part of my culture, it’s part of my upbringing.

“There are many groups like the Akyems, the Frafras, Dagaabas and, in fact, the Chinese as well as the Koreans and even some Japanese also consume dog meat,” he said.

Meanwhile, the petition said apart from the fact that it is cruel to kill and eat those animals, they are also kept under unhygienic conditions, promoting the spread of fatal diseases.

The petition argued: “The World Health Organisation has confirmed that these global live animal markets must be closed, as they are at the root of COVID-19 and are also a breeding ground for the spread of other fatal diseases.


This MP is not serious in the first place. So he meant to say that he eats dogs and nothing can be done about it . Upon all the bush animals in Ghana and what makes you feel good is dogs and cats eiish.

I see you’re very defensive of these dogs and cats (not a bad thing). So what if I start bashing you for going to catch kusie? Family kusie to make it worse. Catch and eat the mother kusie (if it had not outsmarted you) and render the baby kusies orphans. :thinking:

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Ooh how :joy::joy::joy:. With very rule there’s an exception and generally, dogs and cats are humanly attached than any other animal , no matter how you claim to have trained it.

Your analogy on bush animals and other domestic animals seem to get me baffled cos we all know animals that are meant to be killed and eaten on occasions or reguler so if I go and catch Kusie’s mother, the kids can survive. Assuming a woman goes to labor and dies and the baby is alive, don’t family have a way of keeping the baby alive?

Let me get this, in short you don’t want us to eat animals anaaa? @siaw

This mindset about culture and traditions needs to change. For the sake of culture and traditions, an innocent baby pass through the pains of tribal marks in some part of Ghana simply because it’s their culture and traditions and they need to pass it on from generation to generation.
Other women also suffers circumcision in this modern world all in the name of culture and traditions. Now what I mean is, we need to adapt to change and me personally the consumption of dogs and cats should be something of the past.

I also don’t suscribe to eating of dogs and cats. We can argue about other animals as well but the world over, cats and dogs are believed to more sociable than other animals. I can keep rat, rabbit, dog and cat as pets but when I feel like consuming meat , I’d rather go for rat or rabbit cos they are mostly bush meats. All animals, just as humans have rights but some rights surpass others.

That’s the point. I’ve never in my life seen animals being so faithful to their owners like dogs and cats. You can starve a dog or cat and it will go out to find food to eat and still come back to you wagging it tail with joy for seeing you. They are so faithful and I stand firmly in support of the lady’s petition to ban the consumption of cats and dogs.

On the real, this “culture/tradition” excuses that people always bring up is no longer getting funny. Cat/Dog meat s3n? Ah