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Is today's social media platforms doing more harm than good?

Don’t get me wrong, being on this platforms comes with a lot of benefits.

Gone are the days that it tooks most people so many years before they can hear from their relatives, when they travel for example. Now you can bypass all those barriers simply by a single tap on your smartphone .

Along with this revolutionary world of communication comes also social media. I’m talking about popular apps like Facebook, Instagram and one recently tik tok. You probably know the rest just name them

Social media apps are great, if we know and are fully in control of what we’re doing there. With all these benefits always comes a colossal of problems people find themselves into and have to deal with. That’s not the point why those applications were designed for, but they’re a simply a side effect of it

One I personally notice is this constant pressure to check your Instagram feed or maybe a new post. We are constantly looking for what’s new or what’s happening. Anyone who on this apps can relate to what I’m trying to say here

There’s also this weird thing that comes with this apps, that’s comparison. That’s a big one.
These apps put people in a constant mode of comparison, because everyone is sharing their best moment, even though that one best moment might be one’s in a year.

Some people are always caught up in sort of Shenanigans, which they believe that “acting inappropriate” is the easiest way to get more followers. I don’t know how workers in the long run but is a thing

So what do you think, do you think the benefits of these social media platforms outweigh he problems that comes with.

You can share your thoughts as always, and thanks for reading

Sake of social media, you can’t do things freely in this part of the world. If you make loose p3, you go trend right now. Eii, this generation dier no no no! :joy:

The platforms are great. Just as any other thing, if taken to the extreme, you’re going to have some hard time.

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It has been this way and shall always be this way. :rofl:

Masa eno bi easy oo. Whatever you do, you must must be triple careful else you’ll have yourself to blame :joy::joy:

You can’t even eat in your house in peace :joy:

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