Is praying on the streets of Accra really the way to go? [VIDEO]

Ghanaians have always been sucker for Religion and that has been an absurd and repulsive rollercoaster ride. I’ve seen older people been sucked into religion and they’ve been doing the most in the name of religion, I saw something that really weakened my heart, as youth and the future of the country we are suppose to elevate and break the shackle of these false teachings, we are suppose to use our brains for crying out loud. I saw and was forced to video a bunch of youths gallivanting around Achimota market praying to God to help fix the country, this kind of behaviors is what makes Ghana and Africa as a whole shithole. I feel sad!

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Imagine the productive hours being wasted by able-bodied men and women. This feels like a curse, some kind of punishment to the black race because we can’t think.


It doesn’t make sense, how is this productive, the thought and idea doesn’t make any sense, if I were ‘God’ this wouldn’t move me to fix a country. This is some b0llsh!t.

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The general problem is, we think that God will descend from the sky with spanner and screw driver to come and fix our problems for us. Wasting that productive time on the streets praying won’t change anything. The question is, What are you the youth doing to change the situation now? Prayers can’t do anything when you sit down, fold your hands or walk on the streets praying without working. Hmm Africa when are we going to learn? :man_facepalming:t4::broken_heart:

The bigger problem is you think there’s God.

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I always blame those who came before the existing generation of today. I always say the choice we make today will affect those who will outlive us even though we will not be around to experience the outcome of those choices. We love everything about the white man and his ways to the extent of forgetting ourselves in the process


I try to remember to be nice and empathetic, but my god. what is this?

I’m just so tired of all of this. Why are we so defeated and complacent? it honestly makes me angry that so many people are so simple-minded.

its like Ghanaians don’t realize how good we have it. we’re one of the most stable and peaceful countries on the continent but what are we doing with it? are we just content with this unproductive purgatory we’re in? no one is coming to save us. lmao this just annoyed me so much. this is why politicians don’t respect us and treat us anyhow, bc we’ll just lie down and take it and pray for our problems to go away.

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I think we feel content, no one is actually pushing for change. The funny thing is upon all the prayers, we are the same and no extraordinary change has happen to us like what happened in china(which on the other hand built their country was through hard work and consistent effort).

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