Is it too late to start a tech career in my 30s in Ghana?

Is it too late to make a midlife career change into tech. Tech is taking over the world( you and I know that one for a fact). And there are so many opportunities in the tech world than any other business in the world. Tech is broad, and a broad subject like that requires time and effort which I fear my age is a stumbling block that wouldn’t permit me to pursue this kind of career now. Most of my friends who went into tech, are making it ($$) either by setting up their own business or working for a Major Tech Company. But I’m so much interested in it now. But I feel like pursuing it now would be a waste of time. With so many options to pick from when it comes to tech, it begs the question:where do I start from?, which one is easier to pursue?

I need your help to make this decision.I want vivid reasons to either pursue or not to?

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If you’re less than 40 it’s definitely not too late to start, but I should mention that there will be challenges if you’re starting fresh. If it helps, there are many people who switched careers to enter tech after 40, you can Google them. This is possible.

Tech generally doesn’t discriminate, tech doesn’t care how old you are, you just should have the zeal to learn new things at a quick pace. You must be able to keep up and willing to read, research and experiment a lot! This won’t be easy, but it’s doable, I don’t know how motivated you are.

You can start by picking what you’d like to build in your tech career. For example is it mobile apps you want to build? Web apps? Blockchain apps? You need to pick what interests you the most before you start and go all in on that. Once you know what you’d like to work with, you can start by buying and downloading some cheap/free online courses and going through those to test the waters.

From there you should practise, a lot! Build a few personal projects on your own. Have some portfolio of sorts. Get a GitHub account and dump all the things you build by yourself and through tutorials onto GitHub. You need to build a lot to get used to the tech you’re going to work on. An important reason you shouldn’t joke with building a portfolio on GitHub is because most employers would like to see what you can do, so you need to be able to have something to show off.

After this point you should start networking, both online and offline. Offline, you can join meetups or attend conferences. Online, you should get a Twitter account! Most of the tech guys are on Twitter, follow the ones that do what you want to do, observe what they talk about, learn what they do. If they post something on Twitter you don’t understand, ask them; ask a lot of questions about anything to people who started before you.

Aside networking, I’d suggest you also start your own blog and document your journey online, if you learn something new, write a blog post about it, to teach others, share your story. You know, writing what you just learned is a good way to cement it in your head while helping other newbies at the same time – win-win.

Rinse, repeat.

Then start applying for junior positions both locally and abroad (online).

You’ll do great!


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This is a great response coming from a seasoned tech guy like you. Thanks @siaw. Just like @niiayibontey mentioned, this information is worth thousands of cedis. :ok_hand:t6:


Wow! I know it’s not going to be easy, but you just made it sound easier👍🏽, thanks very much @siaw, my question is which one would be easier to pursue, considering I’m a beginner who’s now entering into the tech field. Mobile app?, web app?, blockchain app?

I can’t put all my eggs in one basket, I know a background of business and IT would increase my chance of succeeding in this part of our world. I’m motivated enough to start now :smirk:.

That’s what makes it a good career choice.

I’ll be bias and say backend development because that’s what I do. If you asked a mobile developer they’ll say the best and easiest way is mobile development. That’s why I mentioned you should buy/download some free/cheap courses and play around, you might find what you like best buy going through them. You can also think of a common problem in Ghana that you’d like to solve with tech and see what can solve it, mobile? web? devops? cyber security? Then go for it. I can’t honestly tell you what’d be easier for you, you have to figure that one out yourself. That’s the first challenge :wink:

Yeah, that’s very true, in Africa we need a lot of tech! It’ll be easy to success with tech, there are so many problems in Ghana/Africa that need solutions.

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It’s never too late to start anything , as long as you are determined you can do it , I believe in one thing trust the process sometimes we are to go through the mills and get grinded not to destroy us but to turn us into fine powder for a smooth transition into our real purpose … it’s never too late … a positive mind and a determined spirit is all u need … Yes You Can


I like this, taking the first step is always the scariest. But focusing on the final product is what motivates me. Thanks chief!

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Just follow your heart and intuition, and any other thing should be secondary.


Thanks @niiayibontey , but If it was left to my heart and intuition I prolly wouldn’t pursue it because I believe I’m passed the age to be changing my career but as @siaw has stated it’s never too late to pursue tech as a new profession because tech doesn’t discriminate.