Is Bestie a Scam?

For me personally, I think a man and a woman can’t be friends. There’s no platonic friendship between both of them.

Women use it as a leverage to get what a man can provide. And men, like patient lions waiting behind the woods, will predate on her at the right time. This’s simple biology.

To this rule, no exceptions between matured and normal adults. Respite is but for a while, because at the right time, place, ovulation, libido, all dresses will fly out!

However, men are naive, the reason why the friendzone lingers and they are interred inside it. Men think being friends will make women change their mind and offer them $3x freely. And if he at the right time, he fails to launch his missile, he will continually sink deeper into the friend zone until the woman finally discard him.

The friend zone is beneficial to the women because in most cases they received without opening their legs wide, while the male loses because women keep on with the harangue: bestie, we’re just friends, platonic relationship, blah blah blah.

Whichever way, “bestie” is a scam, and both party will leverage upon the ignorance or attitude of the other: Men wants a taste of the cookie; women wants the materials.

I created this thread to share a story of how a guy slept with his bestie few days before his weeding. Scroll down to read the entire store from the horse’s own mouth:

You see, this thing called bestie has become one of the vice/immorality/misconduct/wickedness/ that has come to stay in our present generation. Yes I called immorality

I finally decided to get married, before then, I had this great friend(Amanda) who over time had become like a little sister(we are not even from the same country, she’s Cameroonian). She is into some photography or sorts.

My fiancee was rounding off her Masters’s Programme and wasn’t around to assist in all arrangements. She knows the girl in question and had developed this thick skin that I can never mess up, even if I want to mess up not with Amanda.

Amanda played a vital role in regards to the planning of my wedding, from getting the rings to making adjustments to the wedding programme, my suit, the venue for the reception, my traditional wear, etc. even my haircut she decided she will have to do it herself on Friday preceding the wedding day.

She eventually finished the planning on Friday night and asked that I should put on some hair treatment before going for what so ever bachelor’s party my friends were organizing, bottom line, my best man invited her to come chill with us without informing me(he was eyeing the girl).

I was busy getting myself drunk that night that I completely forgot that she existed. By the time I returned to my hotel room by 1 am, she was on my bed, pretending to be sleeping, guys I don’t think I have ever made love to a woman that way before. Till today 7th of March 2021, I have not unblocked her, both calls and on social media.

I made a mistake and will never repeat same mistake, my wife asked me to invite her to our house to thank her, I instead gave her some cash to give her. So this bestie thing issa scam, imagine the things she was saying to me that night…things like wanting to be my second wife…

Truth is, when you spend quality time or go on frequent dates with an opposite-$3x in the name of bestie , you will ALWAYS develop feelings.


I read something similar to this some time ago, there was a research conducted of that sort, the problem is with the men. Obviously, boys wouldn’t in anyway befriend a girl they find ugly or aren’t attracted to. Guys only move to girls they find sexually attractive. On the other hand most girls can enter into platonic relationship without thinking about any səxual involvement. If only men could think like women on this issue there wouldn’t be a problem.


Sorry about this guy but this is not always true. I have seen friends, opposite $3x we’re close but no $3x. I believe some besties are fucking, but I know most are not, depends on where you find yourself.