iOS or Android?

What is your preferred choice between Android and iOS and why?

  • Android
  • iOS

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For me, although iOS is easier to use, I’ll choose Android since it is easier to customize, open source, and cheaper to use.
Maybe I am an android user so this decision may be biased

I prefer iOS. Like you said, it’s easier to use. And for me I can get my data synced across all my apple devices. I can connect AirPods with them with no effort. If I bring Android into the mix, data syncing breaks.

Another important reason I prefer iOS is how secure data is on this OS. I can’t get the same kind of security and privacy on Android.

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iOS over android anyday anytime anywhere

I’ve used both and I didn’t like how it felt after switching to android, everything was complicating, I prefer iOS because when I return to use iOS I got all my data back…you should have added windows as well.That OS is really complicated as well

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Android OS tend to be slow when I apply pressure. iOS is different. No matter the workload, the system is ready for it. My iPhone has never frozen, except there is a defect. I tried using android phone for just a regular web search and it was frustrating. In terms of security, it’s a top drawer. Ever since I switched to iOS in 2014, I don’t have the appetite for android any more. :star_struck:


Windows on a phone is the most unusable OS I’ve ever seen. It’s not really useable. No reason they have a negligible market share.

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Ikr, I bought a windows phone and dashed it the next week… I was so frustrated erhn, what kind of phone is this. Mehn every single thing in the phone permission, to create an account serf was a problem :joy::joy:


:joy::joy::joy: wat sort of 3yi is that … their phones dierrr lawuuu


I use both and they are both good in their different ways…
There are many settings and features Android make it happen before iOS introduces to their OS.

The reason why iOS looks more organized in the face of ppl is cos they just dealing with iphone so it’s easier to develop apps and make things look cool.

Android dealing with different companies and any of these brands are introducing their own features but do make their devices run android.
If this poll was more specific I think things would have Look better for ppl to pick because Android on Google pixel phones differ from that of Samsung, Xiaomi and OnePlus which runs; One UI, MIUI and Oxygen OS respectively.

But I’ll just be between.
Both are great. Thanks.
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I prefer android bro, noise about ios doesn’t move me a bit. I used iPhone x but I still prefer android to it because android makes life easier and simpler for me especially with the work I do.


I’ll create a more specific one next time

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Alright… that’s great to hear.

Everything got pros and cons but to be frank the data security with iOS is so secured unlike Android

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I can’t think of any iOS cons to be honest. Been using it for decades. No bias here (I still have an Android phone for development)

Welcome to OF by the way @Niilarteybonulamptey. Hope you enjoy your stay with us :heart:

I prefer iOS due to the data security as well. The work I do involves interaction with very sensitive data and it’s always easier to install company apps due to the security. My colleagues with androids have to go through extra processes to get those apps.
I also like the fact that I can sync all my devices (MacBook, Apple Watch, etc.) I don’t see myself switching to android again.

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Excellent response. Most people in Ghana who use iOS cannot even give the reason why they prefer it to android. They only see it as a flex. The security on iOS is up there though, but some companies that use android have an improved security like Samsung and Huawei. I’m talking from experience since I’ve used all these two devices