Intensive care units getting filled, things to get worse - Senior doctor warns over Covid cases

The National Case Management Coordinator for severe and critical covid-19 cases, Dr. Christian Owoo, has announced that Ghana’s critical Covid-19 cases are rising at an alarming rate. Speaking to Nortey Duah on Joy News’ Ultimate Health Sunday, he noted that the system will get overwhelmed at the current trajectory, and things will worsen.

There have been reports that Ghana’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds are getting full, although the Director-General of the Ghana Health Service, Dr. Patrick Kumah-Aboagye, has doubted such reports.

“I can tell you about two weeks ago, the few numbers we had almost by last week started doubling in a matter of days. But we know the trajectory that we are on; it’s not sustainable if it continues on that trajectory, it does not matter how much we try to sugarcoat things because eventually, the system will be overwhelmed not only with respect to human resources but even material resources”, he noted.

Ghana’s Covid-19 cases have increased sharply due to the Delta Variant reported in the country. So far, government has been able to vaccinate 1.2 million Ghanaians out of its 20 million vaccination target.

As stubborn as we are as a country we don’t heed to tragedy till the situation gets worse, most people stop adhering to the safety protocols it in place. Hence the spread of the virus is inevitable if we don’t change our attitude towards the way we are treating the virus…

Annoyingly, this disregard for Covid-19 protocols is something done more by our leaders. The same people who could enforce the rules and laws are breaking them. Who do we run to then?

Hmm this is getting out of hands. If the government doesn’t wake up, we may go on lockdown again cos other countries are still on lockdown.

The moment hospitals start getting overwhelmed, it means we are in for trouble. Our poorly resourced hospitas are already suffering from a lot of challenges that impair smooth running of these facilitie. God help us

Covid -19 has become something we are used to in Ghana. There’s no sense of urgency and discipline on our part any longer. No enforcement whatsoever and people are dying as a result. Why can’t we do the little things right?