‘Incompetent’ Martin Amidu must be probed for ‘wasting’ two and half years – Gary Nimako


Private Legal Practitioner, Gary Nimako Marfo, believes for purposes of accountability, former special prosecutor, Martin Alamisi Burnes Kaiser Amidu should be investigated, and if possibly, prosecuted.

According to him, the former special prosecutor during his tenure could not put to an appreciable use his budgetary allocation.

Account For Stewardship

Speaking on Okay Fm 's Ade Akye Abia programme, he explained that it is only through a proper investigation that the state can verify how he put his budgetary allocation to use as a special prosecutor during his three years in office.

" As a special prosecutor who has been given specific functions and duties and more so provided with money to enable you execute your functions effectively without fear or favour, you should be able to account for your stewardship to let Ghanaians know how you performed in office.

More so if a case brought up by the former special prosecutor has been dropped by the current special prosecutor than what really did the former do with all the state resources he was provided with? " he asked.

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