I'm richer than some of you; don’t call my music poverty songs’ - Fameye blasts fans )

Ghanaian highlife singer Fameye has lambasted social media users who tag his music as ‘poverty songs.’

Fans have been getting on the nerves of Fameye following the release of his latest song “Praise.” The song that shares a similar concept with his previous songs has been branded as ‘poverty songs’ by some music fans.

And it seems the “Nothing I Get” hitmaker has had enough of the tags. He has said enough is enough.

The musician went live on Instagram three days ago to address the issue, saying his songs have motivated and inspired thousands of people outside the country to make money.

According to him, he records good music and that nothing will stop him from recording good music.

“You people should listen to good music. You know, I’ll always tell my story. As I said, I’ll never run from what I’m doing,” he said in his Instagram live video.

*“I know that thousands of people are outside listening to my music and getting motivated. Some of them are getting money because of my music. So, branding my music as poverty songs don’t make sense,”*he continued.

He said he is richer than some of the people calling his music ‘poverty songs,’ but they come online to disrespect him.

“I’m richer than some of you, but you misbehave when you come online. You should be steady and listen to good music. ‘Praise’ is out. Go and stream it,” he added.

Meanwhile, Fameye and OGB Music, the label that discovered him, have finally parted ways.

“A heartfelt thank you and appreciation to Ogidi Brown and the entire management of OGB Music,” it stated.

“It is with pleasure that I announce that I have parted ways with OGB Music and management. This separation came about after consultations and an agreement between OGB Music and me. We have mutually agreed to part ways going forward but with continuous support for each other.”

It said they still hold their relationship regardless of their decision to part ways.

“The past years with OGB have been delightful, beneficial and I am glad we still hold our relationship regardless of our decision to part ways,” it added.

Ghanaians can talk. See how they want to kill someone’s career. I think sometimes the artiste have to go hard on some of them like Fameye and Sarkodie did. We abuse social media in this country paaa.

Why is he mad, people sing for love , money and whatever mood they are in, some songs have no sense in it , if his song is poverty song that’s okey we need that too don’t we, I really don’t see where the problem is , he should just accept it like yul edochie did when he was confronted with the money ritual issue. They keep coming at you if you respond like this

He said he is richer than some of the people calling his music ‘poverty songs,’ but they come online to disrespect him.

My guy, this people are just trying to intimate u. Just focus on what u doing :wink: and that’s all. U know say for GH dierr we dey talk pass.

He must be mad because these are some of the things that kills the careers of our artistes in Ghana. If he doesn’t respond, more of this will come. Whether it is good taste or not, his critiques must know better.