I'm not too young to be a special prosecutor :kissi Agyebeng

The 43-year-old lawyer says he has the requisite experience and expertise to lead the Office of the Special Prosecutor

He appeared at Parliament on Thursday (22 July), Agyebeng said that his extensive knowledge of the law and experience over 15 years as a law lecturer at the University of Ghana Law Faculty, as well as the quality of personnel who understudied him, prove he is capable of being the special prosecutor.

“In terms of experience, as I stated earlier, I was called to the Bar some 18 years ago. I qualify to sit on the Supreme Court of Ghana,” he said. “Indeed, I am three years past

“I turned 43 on 2 July. I qualify to be the president of the republic. I am age mates with the president of the French republic and I am a year older than the Minister of Justice and Attorney General.

“We were mates at the University of Ghana. There is no question about his age. Why then throw issues about my age?”

Agyebeng added: “To anchor on that, I have had a front role – although I have not been a prosecutor, properly so called, I have had a front role to landmark prosecution in this country.

“When Tiger Eye PI and come up with their investigative pieces, I am the one who supervised the collation of evidence for presentation to the attorney general. And I have been doing this for quite a while now, and without me, the Attorney General’s Office would be poorer in terms of those prosecutions.”

New journey

If approved, Agyebeng, a 43-year-old legal practitioner who is the managing partner will become the second person to occupy the post of special prosecutor since the law establishing the Office of the Special Prosecutor (Act 959) came into force in 2017.

I think his age is not a problem for the position. We like too many old folks to be in power and this is costing us great deal. Mr. Kissi Agyebeng is youthful and I believe if his efforts are not stifled, he will do a great job.

The age doesn’t really matter he has the experience to do the work and like he stated the are several people in positions like his that are younger than he is , if he’s right for the job she shouldn’t be a problem