I'm in dilemma; but I love her

Dear Admin, please hide my identity. I’ve been dating this lady for 6 months and I’m so much into her right now. I’ve been doing everything a gentleman can do for his lady but admin, she has never allowed me to have an “affair” or sex with her . She claims she’s a virgin and that, until marriage, no tearing of the rubber. Sometimes, my "terkey"will rise to 100% celcious but no option.

I sold my father’s land to pay her rent , bought her everything to furnish the house and even her clothings. She got admission into the university and I’m planning to pay her fees so that when she completes we can marry. You can check my profile picture or dp on this page to see my intension for her.
She doesn’t visit me, only “send me momo” massages, she’s always busy and whole lots of excuses but claims she loves me.

I’m so confused and don’t know what to do. I love this lady (Naa atwei) dearly. The love turned me to ‘otolege’ and I can’t find my way out. Please don’t judge me, love no catch you before erh. Hmmm.

Please ask your Omanbaforum audience(members) to kindly advice me on what to do. They shouldn’t advice me to leave her because she’s my life. Any other advice is welcome, thank you mr admin.


Eei @Kusie_Maame_Twe what at all is these erh; :joy::joy::joy:
You are rather putting us in delimma with your story. Do you want advice or not?

The way you made your mind, there’s no advice her that will be taken by you; not , I would’ve adviced you to exercise restrictions and restraints with her cos she doesn’t have the same energy as you in the relationship. Na 6 months p3 and you want to do the distin eeii :joy::joy::joy:

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My advice; you can’t advise a person who is in love. It will not work. Good luck working things out! @Kusie_Maame_Twe

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If you value your life , please let her go cos this will end in premium tears eventually. The red flags are already showing so you don’t need any advice, you just have to act yo protect your sanity and peace. There are other ladies out there vying to be with you. These things are what causes men to murder women in Ghana. They invest so much in the woman and get jilted in the end . You call this love? @kusie

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Eii kusie too love catch you? Well, so far as she is the uni and does not visit you no more shows that she’s no longer interested by now kraa the rubber she refused to make you tear someone tear am :joy::joy:

I’m having trouble believing it’s truly @Kusie Maame Twe in the story. So, whether it’s you or not, here’s my advise.
Relax and take your time, don’t be in a haste if you want to marry and start a family. You’d almost certainly find someone who is likewise looking to settle down, and who knows, she might have everything you’re looking for in a lady.

Finally, as you take a step back to observe, make sure you choose wisely.

Nanka, meho y3 med3 papa @Curl_Buns