I'm afraid of karma as my wedding is next month; I've been sleeping with best friend’s husband – Lady

A lady who has confessed to sleeping with her best friend’s husband is seeking advice on how to escape karma as her marriage is scheduled for next month.

According to her, although she knew she was wickedly posing danger to her friend’s marriage, she was doing it carefully and did not prevent her husband from loving her.

In a letter to a relationship blogger, she trivialized her backstabbing of her best friend by saying “it is just sex”.

At the time she was neck-deep in having sex with her friend’s husband, she didn’t think it was wrong but as her marriage is just next month, she fears “karma will hit me so bad”.

She is in a state of dilemma as to whether to involuntarily confess to her friend and then go ahead with her marriage, or just call everything off because she must avoid karma at cost.

“I know you won’t judge me so advise me. I am getting married next month but I have been sleeping with my best friend’s husband, am afraid that karma will hit me so bad, should I confess to my friend before the wedding or I should just call the relationship off. Note it is just sex, I have never stopped him from loving his wife my friend,” the worried lady wrote to the relationship blogger.

My wedding is next month but I sleep with best friend’s husband; I’m afraid of karma – Lady seeks advice


We all know what karma is…she will definitely taste it. She should just prepare for the worst to happen and also be strong. That’s all that i can say.

The truth can never be hidden. Besides she and her friend’s husband have both defiled the marriage bed. she should just confess and face the consequences.

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Ooh my sister, you can’t eat your cake and have it . Just prepare for triple of that from your huaband sleeping with those yout know and those you have no idea of. What you sow is what you reap in more abundance


Karma as we say is a b*tch and when it hits you, you gonna regret it

Hmm just as they say what goes around comes around

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Hmm there is no way she can escape now
She should rather confess to her friend and her husband to be maybe they will forgive her. But as for karma no one can escape it so should be ready

Karma is surely going to pay you a visit. Actually Karma is coming to live with you.