I'm a real fan of Arsenal πŸ˜‚

Arsenal has really been a team that I support most. Whether you like it or not Hoooooosaaaaaaa Arsenal :joy::joy::joy::joy:

After eating 5 goals I never suspected any Arsenal fan to show their face! You’re a true fan ampa! :rofl:

Watch your tongue Mr. Man
We are for real ohk.
We don’t fiar breaking heart
You hear.
Osaaaaaaaaaa Arsenal

Real fans are loyal regardless of the circumstances surrounding their team. Arsenal is going through tough season, just like the last one. My question is, what are they doing to change the narrative? Arteta must sit up.

I have every Arsenal fan in prayers to be honest. I’ll keep praying for y’all :joy::joy:

You guys needs serious deliverance :joy::joy::joy: