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Illustrators behind DC’s bisexual Superman comic book receive death threats from fans

:man_shrugging: I have no idea

I get where you’re coming from. I just wish you’ll be more direct. But I’ll speak in general.

First, you have your freedom to insult me. I may not like it, but you have that freedom of speech. Yes, words hurt. But that’s the world we live in. If you insult me for whatever reason, should I go and cry and sob and go into depression because of something you said? Of course not.

But I understand how some people will be hurt. But if you start forcing people to use certain words so not to offend some people, you create a problem. And that’s why Jordan Peterson was so against it.

Because the very ability to speak freely is the very thing that can offend someone. And you can’t control that.

But with the Americans, everything is so sensitive to the point its just nonsensical. You can’t open your mouth and disagree.

Jordan Peterson, John McEnroe and others never apologized for their statements they made. And I applaud them for that.

I wish you’d be more direct with your question so I’ll answer you well. But U.S. is too sensitive. That’s probably why @Aharon doesn’t say much these days.

By they way I didn’t mean I’ll insult you oo. Just an example haha.

Good. That’s YOU. You admitted words hurt, but you won’t go and cry. For another person that these words hurt, they’ll go and cry and be depressed. So why should you push things under the carpet and say they are sensitive??? It’s wrong to do that.

You want to people to speak freely. OK. So from now on, I’ll refer to you as “Hey aponkye, what did you do today?” Would you respond to me? If not then why?

It’s not with Americans. It’s with people.

@Aharon is just sick and tired of some people’s refusal to understand we’re all different, some like trumu, others like 3tw3. But people want to force others to like what they like. It’s tiring. Think about it. You can’t force your preferences on someone. And if people wish to be called “she/it/bit/gim”, respect that.


:laughing: Oh, I knew la…oh you too. I’m not an emotional guy oo.

I’m not saying we should push things under the carpet. That’s why I said narrow it down.

Okay, let’s take Dave Chappelle’s thing for example. He said something and the LGBT community got offended. You can go watch and see. Fact: he’s made jokes about almost all the groups. It just showed that you can make fun of anybody, just not the LGBTQ. And that’s why Matt Walsh called them “whiny babies.”, and I totally agree.

That’s what happens when the government makes some people so special that you can’t touch them.

Now, it’s obviously wrong for me to meet a transgender person and start shaming them or being violent at them, both physical and verbal. I will never do that. It’s wrong whether you’re a transwoman or a normal woman.

It’s not me that wants people to speak freely. It’s good for society. However, we have to know how to use our words in a way that does not hurt anyone. And you seem not to get me. My point is if you want to be called polyamorous or something, fine, go ahead. But it’s wrong when the law forces me to do that.

So it would be wrong for you to call me aponkye because I’ve not told you that I identify as aponkye. But even though I would not like it, nothing stops you from doing it anyway. But if the law of Ghana prohibits you from saying aponkye to me, then it becomes a problem.

You see how Africa, you meet someone you don’t know and call them bro, charley, bros, boss, etc. You can’t do that at your place. Some will definitely be offended. They would say why didn’t you call me by my preferred pronoun. I’m like, I just met you…how was I supposed to know. And they like, well, ask. Where’s your manager. (this actually happens).

It’s mostly happening in countries that have legalized LGBT. I used Americans because it’s more prevalent with all the woke culture rising up. You can’t freely talk anymore there. All in the name of you might offend someone. And by someone, they mean transgender people.

It’s funny you said you can’t force others to like what they like. The LGBT community is doing the same thing. But it’s true, you can’t force people to do what they don’t like. And that’s exactly my point. So why make laws to force people to accept LGBT people?

oh, wait…because you hate them. You’re homophobic if I don’t sell stuff to you. Okay, if I’m homophobic, go to another shop that accepts you then. why shut down my store? Why do I have to go to prison or make it a legal issue?

Why can’t I live in my lane and you live in your lane? And that’s the issue with diversity and inclusivity. No one, except for the obvious dumb ones, wants to have an issue with the LGBT community. The thing is that they’re infiltrating everything and destabilizing what’s already there.

LIke they trying to make gender-neutral sports. or teaching anal $3x to kids in schools without parents’ consent. There was no need for them to change the comics. The comics have never ever been about black people or white people or transgender people. That’s not why stan lee did that.

And finally, about @Aharon, you see, hmm…I don’t want to call him out on something. So I’ll pause. But what I’ll say is that he doesn’t yet understand certain things. But he will soon. This utopian mindset of his…arr well.

But I like him though…lol. I don’t hate anyone and I won’t hate anyone.

And these death threats are not from Ghana. :joy::broken_heart::joy::broken_heart:

Hold on! Ghanaians aren’t the one issuing the death threats. Are they?

This is the point I want to put across. They say it in a funny way though :rofl:

So if we hate the LGBTQ++ and the rest of the world likes it does it mean it’s normal? These people must be out if their minds to do this. Trying to lure kids into the act, where is the world heading to? The future is at a talk if this continues.

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This is exactly what they want to do. You know kids learn easily what they see and hear around them. The LGBTQ+ community noticed how kids are much into cartoons and they decided to introduce such things in their upcoming comics. To give them a picture of it and also to raise their curiosity to try or ask more questions about it.

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This reminded me of the Alice Bailey’s 10 point plan to destroy Christianity.

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