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Illustrators behind DC’s bisexual Superman comic book receive death threats from fans

Illustrators and artists behind DC’s new Superman comics based on a bisexual character, have reportedly sought police protection following incessant death threats from enraged fans.

According to TMZ, LAPD officers were recently dispatched to patrol some of the homes of the studios’ staffers and illustrators.

The studio is also reportedly under surveillance amid the threats which began after news of the bisexual character went viral in October.

Recall that the studios made headlines for weeks after they announced that Jon Kent, the new Superman, son of Clark and Lois Lane, will be in a romantic relationship with his friend Jay Nakamura after he experiences a nervous breakdown.

DC also released drawings of the characters locking lips.

Despite the studios stating that the announcement received positive feedback, the viral images received severe online backlash.

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Right…let’s change the comics to be “gender-inclusive” as if that was the point of comics. No wonder the comics are at an all-time low.

And this is the real poster :joy:

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They’ve not seen anything yet. Their comics will continue to hit all-time low if they think they must include LGBTQ+ activities in their upcoming comics. I started laughing the moment I saw they are now hunting for police protection :joy::joy:. Can you even imagine Superman being a bisexual in the movies too? :joy::joy:

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Lol. If Ghana hates LGBT doesn’t mean the whole world hates them. It won’t affect them in anyway. Ghana is irrelevant on the world state.


When you say anything now, they’ll label you some name bi.

But think about it, why does superman have to be gay? Every comic wasn’t based on him being male, female, or bisexual. Spiderman is just your friendly neighbor teenage boy who’s battling school life and fighting crimes. Anyone, regardless of their gender or whatever, can relate to spiderman.

Now, you make them gay just because they want to appeal to some people. It’s maddening! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Yeah true…but some white people don’t agree with them too. I just realized saying white people makes you look racist :joy: :joy: Sorry Americans

It’s called “diversity & inclusion”. There’s a lot of literature on the matter, and it’s a huge topic worldwide, just not in Ghana. We’re stuck in a cave.

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Yep! No wonder “diversity & inclusion” is saying there’s no such thing as a woman or that there is no difference between man or woman, even in sports!

Where did you get this from?

@siaw: where did you get this from?

Me: Hold my coconut drink.

Walks out of the room. “I’ll be right back” (in terminators voice)

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I’d have finished your coconut drink by the time you get back…

good vibes party GIF by Slow Dancer

The last part killed me :joy::joy:. By the way, we know they don’t take us for anything out there and that’s why we also have the power in this country to rejects their activities.


So when you said, “where did I get this from?” what did you mean exactly? Anyway, I’ll have to do a post on this whole inclusivity stuff.

We’re stuck in a cave
Well, do you want Kwaku Ananse to be polyamorous, pansexual, non-binary, transwoman, and furry with his pronouns being her, she, and xe, xem, xyr, and xemself? :man_shrugging:

You see, there’s a lot to unload from this statement. But I’ll keep it short.

"it’s called "diversity & inclusion."
Yes. And that’s the problem. America is so full of sensitive people and frankly loads of narcissistic people who demand that the world revolves around them. America is imploding, and that’s why we don’t see the effects of all these things yet.

Equity, white privilege, BLM, critical race theory, Biden mandating vaccines, modern feminism, etc…hmm. I may do a post sharing my views.

If it’s so nice and sweet, why are your own people fighting against it?

"it’s a huge topic worldwide, just not in Ghana"
True. Ghana doesn’t need that. It’s not a problem here and we should never make it one. In fact, this LGBTQ isn’t a problem in Ghana. I really don’t know why they’re making it one.

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That’s true and I am much sure they thought including such things in their upcoming comics is going to boost their sales. But there they are, sinking so deep with their sales as well as receiving backlashes and death threats.

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That shows how people are not really happy. It’s just that they have the power now so you can’t say anything. If you do, you either get canceled or fired from your job. Dave Chapelle made a joke about them and he’s lost projects costing millions.

It was just a joke and he wasn’t even joking about only them mpo. So touchy touchy feelings nkoaa.

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I hope you’re not assuming that all people in developed countries like this LGBT movement thing? They’re just not talking. I wonder why millions of Americans are preferring to work at home.

I just don’t understand the reason why nobody have the right to talk about them and not to talk of making jokes about them. I do remember when Dave Chapelle who’s a professional actor and comedian made that joke about LGBTQ+ and those who aren’t into their activities. When he joked about those of us who aren`t part of the LGBTQ+, did they not all laugh together? But when it was their turn, it turns to be a crime. This is how far the world has reached now and it’s such a pity.

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Yes. Because they are a marginalised group so we should treat them like queens. Because apparently, we abuse them and they go through such trauma that most of them are committing süic!de.

So let’s tell Biden so we put laws in place to make them feel safe. Biden enacted the law and now, they control almost everything. I’m telling you err, if we were in living in America and this was an American forum, you and I would be cancelled by now.

We’ll be jobless by now.

And they want to bring this in Ghana.

Will that change the Kwaku Ananse storyline and what he does?

Imagine me insulting you or doing something you’re not comfortable with, then when you complain, I’ll go like “Oh come on, don’t be so sensitive and narcissistic”. You can’t do anything to hurt someone.


You and I know if we were to be in America, we will need to turn deaf and blind to their activities and just watch them control almost everything now. They are the minority too but controls everything. It’s just strange.

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