If your wife is no longer beautiful, it is your fault – Reno Omokri


According to Nigerian author Reno Omokri, a less appealing wife equals a neglectful husband. He asked men to pay attention to maturing their wives with love, money and honey.

Reno Omokri is popular on Facebook for his wild stance on social issues and candid opinion in the public forum. His recent share has received a lot of reactions after adding the caveat, “I said WIFE. I did not say, GIRLFRIEND!”

He wrote, “Dear men if a garden is not looking beautiful, it is not the fault of the garden. It is the fault of the gardener. As a husband, your wife is your garden. If you complain that she is no longer looking beautiful, then you are at fault.”

He explained that as all these have been since creation, God blamed Adam for Eve’s indiscretions. And so, her husband is responsible for a wife’s shortcomings.

Source: 3news.com

Our social media counselor and socialist has said the truth again. Reno Omokri couldn’t have gotten it wrong with this one. Most men do not take good care of their wives after marriage. They even put the women in emotional trauma that erases the beauty of the women. If you want your to remain beautiful for you, spend on her, give her both emotional and physical or material needs

I don’t agree with the last sentence :joy::joy:, but I get his point, that ones beautiful woman you married must always look beautiful in your eyes and that will only happen if you keep her that way .

Ah how? She has her own life to live. You can’t dictate for your wife what she must and must not do. I disagree with this man. You can’t control your wife like your child. And that metaphor about wife and garden is wrong.