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If you were to become the president of Ghana tomorrow , what will you have done differently?

I’ve recently seen a lot of “ freedom fighters” all over the internet and wherever you go and look it seems that there’s no shortage of them. They all unique concern

They strongly believe that if we can make a little tweak to the constitution and get parliament to pass a few laws, then everything will be perfect and we will all find ourselves in the world we’ve all “imagined”.

I get them. people who are often tired of their Situation often want change, maybe that’s what makes us humans after all.

But most often many people forget human nature well enough. When was the last time you told yourself that after getting this job or a promotion at work everything will work out and you don’t have to worry anymore? But you no doubt found yourself down the line after a few weeks complaining about finding something else to fell ill about.

I’m not agains all progress, but what if the person who doesn’t breath is not alive? Or better what if the person who doesn’t suffer is dead? It seems that suffering is built into life itself and there’s no escaping it.

"The rich utopian countries know their wealth doesn’t even make sense without the poor. " when your very existence only makes sense in comparison, the poor matters.

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We all know that that role isnt easy, even our current president being a tipical example. But i think my focus will be revamping the industrialisation agenda Nkrumah started before his coup.


That would be a very unselfish undertaking, one that’s not in the interest of any of the presidents that came after Nkuramah. But maybe you’re saying this because you’re NOT the president, if you became the president for real, you might become as selfish as all the other presidents, I’m sure the other presidents said similar things but look at them now.

It seems that it might work to solve all the problems we’ve today, except it doesn’t.

If we want a little progress, wherever we want to draw the line, that’s fine. but I don’t think we will ever get a panacea. Our nature as species, keep getting in the way always