If owusu bempah had listen to salifu amoako's advice

The issue of Rev’d Isaac Owusu Bempah and his church entourage being arrested over serious crimes should serve as a lesson to us. There are certain people in life that loved us so much that even scolding at you when you go astray shows how best they have for us. Prophet Salifu Amoako warned him as his brother in the Lord against his entourage around him because they will easily tarnish his image completely. Unfortunately, Owusu Bempah criticized Prophet Salifu Amoako for correcting him (Owusu Bempah). Now Owusu Bempah is in serious trouble because people around him caused his downfall. If he had listen to the words of his brother (which indirectly knew Owusu Bempah would be arrested), like he wouldn’t fall into trouble. In this world, there different types of people. Those that sum, subtract, multiply and divide towards your life. In Owusu Bempah’s case, two scenarios occurred in his life. His entourage divided his reputation and Prophet Salifu Amoako’s did his part by summing up to his brother’s reputation which Owusu Bempah chose the wrong path which he crash landed in a ditch. Guys, if you have someone in your life that has the best for you and your future, listen to their good advises for such can really save your reputation because some of their words could be prophetic towards your life. Delete people that are not gearing you to the right for they can cause your future repercussions. Show Me your Friend and I will Show you His Character.


Owusu Bempah just like other self acclaimed powerful prophets don’t listen to any advice from nobody. They think they are equal to God and must be worship accordingly. If he had listen to advise, (call it prophecy) from Amoako Attah , he won’t be messing around with guns and attacking people

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