If a man’s penis size was visible like breast – Mary Njoku fires men body-shaming BBNaija’s Angel

Nigerian actress Mary Remmy Njoku dragged trolls who are body shamming Big Brother Naija Season6 housemate Angel for saggy breasts.

21-year-old Angel was subjected to heavy cyberbullying on social media because of the nature of her boobs. Angel wore a strappy dress with a plunging neckline that exposed her breasts. This resulted in many people bashing her online and making degrading remarks about her breast and age.

Reacting to this, actress Mary Remmy Njoku wrote on Instagram, if men’s penises were as visible as women’s breasts, the world would be a better place.” She also asked men bashing Angel if their mother’s breast hasn’t sagged too.

Another person who stood up for Angel was actress Nkechi Blessing. Standing in solidarity, she went braless on social media and shared a picture detailing the nuances of breasts. She wrote, I understand if a man shames a woman for having fallen breast, But Aunty Even you? Common, we can really do better than making a woman feel less of herself, unlike some oda people that can’t stand trolling and insults, they tend to fall into depression and harm themselves, But you see me? If dem born your father well come and abuse me on my page, I will send you back home…we need to be the change we seek, by spreading more love than hate…Love and light.”

Source: 3news.com

This body shaming kills confidence you know. We should all be informed that we are all not perfect but each of us is unique in our own ways
Most women turn to surgeons to seek help because of this. Weather with sagging boobs, small butt, ugly legs we are all beautiful in our own ways. We need to stop body shaming women because they go through a lot of stress ,they find it difficult in choosing outfits, they tend to wear something they don’t really like exposing their beautiful parts to hide their ugly parts